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Term 3 - week 7

• Royal South Street Success
• Book Week, Literacy and Numeracy Week
• Teachers’ Professional Learning

It’s hard to put into words how proud of our Year 5/6 Boys Debating Team and Senior Choir we all are after their success at the Royal South Street Competitions. The debating team won their final on Monday and as a follow up on Tuesday, our senior choir students were victorious in their category. Well done to all the students involved – we are very proud of you all. Congratulations also to Trudi and Suzanne for their hard work with the students. This is an amazing outcome for the school and a great reward for effort.

Well, to continue the positive theme, it has been a fantastic week of celebration with our combined Book, Literacy and Numeracy Week. We started this with our dress up day on Tuesday and a special assembly parade. It was wonderful to see so many students in costume and embracing the celebration of all things “Books”. The scholastic book fair has continued before and after school throughout the week and we have signed off the week with stunning Book Week Presentations on Friday morning. Thank you to all those families and community members who attended. Well done to all staff, students and parents for the efforts that have gone into this week.

Finally, I wanted to bring to your attention the hard work and energy staff have been placing into their professional learning behind the scenes throughout the year. As a part of our weekly meeting schedule, and also curriculum days, teachers have been focussing on Daily 5 and Seven Secrets to Writing Success in Literacy and Developing a Whole School Numeracy Model. The dedication and effort staff have shown in developing their practice to improve learning outcomes for all students are nothing short of tremendous. The results are already obvious as you walk through each of the classrooms. Can I take this chance to single out the leadership of Kim Wrigley and Liss Stevens who have led these initiatives this year.

David Garner
Acting Principal.

Term 3 - week 6

• Royal South Street
• Book Week, Literacy and Numeracy Week
• Bus Conditions
• Cyber Safety

It seems a weekly occurrence that I write of the successes of our Boys Debating Team at Royal South Street. On Monday, our boys won the semi-final arguing that Girls should have Better Female Role Models. They will compete in the final on Monday 25th August. Additional congratulations to Jaida Berridge who has been awarded Best Boy Debater - a fantastic achievement. I also wish all the best to our senior choir members who are performing at the Royal South Street competitions next Tuesday.

Next week we are holding a combined Book, Literacy and Numeracy Week. This will begin with our dress up day and special assembly on Tuesday, and culminate in our Book Week performance morning next Friday in the gym between 9am and 11am. All are welcome to attend these two fun events. The Scholastic Book Fair will also run throughout the week. Yandoit and Drummond are also running a Great Book Swap between the two annexes.

As part of the Bus Travel Policies and Procedures, we are sending home a copy of the Education Department’s Bus Travel Conditions with this newsletter. It is important that all families read through this document whether your children currently use the bus service or whether you are intending to at some stage do so with your children. It outlines very clearly the expectations of the school, children and parents/caregivers with a particular focus on supervision and behaviour whilst on the bus. Please read this carefully and adhere to these requirements.

Finally, our Year 5/6 classes have taken part in sessions around Cybersafety over the past two weeks. We believe in a proactive approach to keeping the students informed around their use of the internet and mobile phones. Each of the 5/6 classes viewed a DVD and engaged in educational sessions which were extremely valuable in raising the students’ awareness of the importance of vigilance and extreme care when using these tools. We would like you to continue these discussions at home and the DVDs are available for you to borrow from Karen McHugh should you wish to view them to support this message at home.

David Garner
Acting Principal.

Term 3 - week 5

• Words in Winter
• Jump Rope for Heart
• ICAS Testing
• Breakfast Program
• Student Absences
• Food Allergies

Another busy week has seen a number of successful programs and students make us proud to be part of the DPS family. We have over 30 students representing the school at the district level of athletics as a result of last week’s Goldfields Carnival; a wonderful result for those students. Last weekend saw a very successful Family Day as part of the Words in Winter festival. Well done to the successful students and a huge thank you to Jenny Bray for her leadership of this great initiative. The students had a wonderful time creating writing pieces to enter.

In Family Groups on Monday, the whole school participated in Jump Rope for Heart. It was a great way for all the students to get active and at the same time work WITH each other in participation for this event. Great leadership was shown by our older students in supporting our Preps and Year One students with their skipping skills.

The ICAS-Maths test also took place this week – the final ICAS test for this year. Well done to all the students who participated in one or more of these tests this year. It is a great way for students to extend themselves with some very challenging exam questions. The Science results have already been received and presented at assembly and we eagerly await the results of each of the other tests.

As is traditionally the case, Term 3 tends to be a term of high absence and illness. We ask that all parents ensure that when your children are unwell, that you do keep them home and that you also send a note to explain the absence as soon as possible. It is important that we minimise absences as much as possible, but when students are absent we have an explanation from parents as to the reason.

A reminder is required around food allergies and food sharing at school. Under no circumstances should students share food at school. We have a number of students and staff with significant food allergies and anaphylaxis. It is also important that children keep their food away from other students as a precaution and also wash hands frequently throughout the day. Staff will be monitoring this closely.

Finally, the best of luck to Jaida, Ben and Cooper on Monday as they tackle the South Street Debating Semi-Final – we are very proud of you boys!

David Garner
Acting Principal.

Term 3 - week 4

• Book Fair – outcome and helpers
• Debating Team – August 18, Semi-final
• Goldfields Athletics
• Jump Rope for Heart – family groups Monday 11 August
• Words in Winter
The Annual Book Fair has seen an extraordinary outcome for 2014 – with close to $7000 raised for our school. A huge thank you must go out to our core team of volunteers and the long list of helpers who made this all possible. An incalculable amount of time and energy goes into staging such a fundraising event and it seems only fitting that an outcome of this magnitude be reward for effort.
Our Year 5/6 Boys Debating team has been notified that they have reached the semi-final which will be held on Monday 18th August. Jaida, Ben and Cooper will compete against Buninyong PS for a place in the final. Well done to these three boys, as well as their fourth team member and researcher, Will. Thank you to Trudi Blick for making this part of her program when working with the Year 5/6 students this year. Good luck to the team on August 18.
A very successful Goldfields Athletics carnival was held on Monday this week. A number of Year 3-6 students will be attending the Regional Athletics in September. I would like to congratulate all the students who competed in such a positive way at Llanberris and wish all those students who move onto regional competition the best of luck. Thank you to Mr K and Sherilee for their work in organising this event.

During our Family Groups next Monday, 11th August, the students will be taking part in Jump Rope for Heart. As in previous years, there will be an opportunity for sponsorship; however this event stands more as a symbol of raising awareness for the Heart Foundation and good health. More information will be sent home this week.
Finally, a number of individual students and classes have entered this year’s Words in Winter Festival. It has been great to see the students enthusiastically approaching their writing entries. This festival gives them an authentic purpose and audience for their writing. Well done to the students who performed in choir and poetry on the weekend as part of the festival. A great deal of team work and confidence was shown by this group of children in representing the school. We are very proud of how our students represent DPS.

David Garner
Acting Principal.

Term 3 - week 3

• Principal’s sick leave
• Book Fair
• South Street Debating
• NED Show
• Goldfield Athletics
• P-2 “People Who Help Us” Day

Post-surgery, I have been diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia, which is basically the CNS forced into over drive, producing acute pain throughout my body. I have now got to the stage whereby I cannot work effectively and have been forced to schedule an unknown time of sick leave. During my time absence, David Garner will be Acting Principal and Karen McHugh will be Acting Assistant Principal. Jo Manning and Chris T will be teaching 5/6M.

We are extremely grateful for the positive response to assist with the Book Sorting on Sunday. Well done to our school community coming together around a common cause. Thank you to the following parents who put in a big effort on Sunday; Louise English, Clare O'Connor, Peter D'Onghia, Nel Staite, Jessica Newton, Shelley Sandow, Annshar Wolfsh, Kathryn Earley, Ailsa Hyland, Kim Wrigley, Jendy Fry, Donna O'Mara, Lauren Bennett, Janet Horvat, Hugo Horvat, Erik Horvat & Gerard Horvat. A special mention to Steve Meadows, who came in on Sunday morning and managed to get down all the books from the top shelf in the storage room within an hour.  A massive effort that made the job much easier on the day. I suspect that this would have been well in excess of 100 boxes.

After the work that will be put in place on Friday we will be all set for a very BIG and successful Book Fair. Can I take this opportunity to thank Merrilyn Sim and her dedicated committee; Louise Armstrong, Clare O’Connor, Peter D’Onghia, Nel Straite, Jessica Newton and Shelley Sandow. This committee has done an amazing job getting the Book Fair ready for this weekend. On behalf of the school community I say thank you to these parents.

The school debating team that competed at South Street on Monday were highly successful. Congratulations to the boys who won and the girls who were runners up. We wait eagerly now to see if the boys have reached the final which will take place in August.

On Monday, the whole school attended The NED show – a production that promotes “Never Give Up”, “Encourage Others” and “Do Your Best”. This supports our whole school social competencies program and was received well by all students who were in good humour throughout the show.

Goldfields Athletics is next Monday, 4th August. Good luck to the biggest team we have ever sent to Goldfields. The students have been waiting enthusiastically for this day for quite a while. A big thank you to Andrew Kiellerup who has coordinated this event; I’m sure it will be a great success.

Finally, the Prep - Two “People Who Help Us” Day that was help last Friday was a wonderful day. As part of their Integrated Studies units the students came dressed as people who help them in the community. We saw vets, doctors, police men and women, principals and even a guide dog! Thank you to Sam Kinnear who made a wonderful presentation about emergencies and his role as an Air Ambulance Pilot, which was followed later in the day by a visit from the SES and the Victoria Police.

Peter Burke

David Garner
Acting Principal
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