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Aug 2015

Term 3 - week 7

  • Book Week
  • Breakfast program
  • High number of absences
  • Goldfields Athletics
  • Pupil Free Day – next Wednesday
  • School Council Vacancy
Book week was a great success. The dress up day was entered into with such enthusiasm, so many interesting book characters paraded around our gym during our morning assembly. Thank you to all the parents/carers who supported their child/ren to allow them to dress up and have fun.

In the lead up to the class presentations of their favourite book, I have witnessed a great deal of energy and purpose. Students have teamed together, each doing their bit to enable a class presentation to develop. Our staff have done a mighty job in leading and guiding the students at this time. Pictures, writing and poster competition winners will be published in next week’s newsletter.

The breakfast program last week was a great success, our small way of reinforcing the importance and value of a good healthy breakfast to start the day.
Student absences have been high due to a severe flu. I am pleased to report an improvement in this area. Well done to parents/carers during this time when extra care is required.

Goldfields Athletics are being conducted next Monday 31st August. Good luck to the 80 students who are participating.

A reminder that next Wednesday 2nd September is a pupil free day. Staff will be involved in professional development all day, focusing on improving outcomes in writing. You will hear more about the ‘Big Write’ program at a later date.

A position on School Council has become vacant for a parent member. I hereby call for nominations. The nominations will be open for two weeks from Monday 31st August until Friday 11th September. If more than one nomination is received than an election process will be put in place. Nomination forms may be obtained from the school office and must be lodged by 4pm on Friday 11th September.

The Annual Scholastic Book Sale was postponed this week and will now run from Monday 7th to Friday 11th September.
Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 6

  • Words in Winter
  • Book Week Celebrations
  • Goldfields Athletics – postponed until Monday 31st August
  • JRFH
  • Breakfast Program
  • Naplan Reports (Gr3 & 5)
  • Prep Enrolments 2016

Jen Bray, the co-ordinator of Words in Winter, visited our school assembly and spoke about the success of Words in Winter weekend. She thanked all the children and staff for their involvement and spoke of the record number of entries for the writing competition. A number of our students featured in the prizes and it was pleasing to see a large number of our senior students receive commendations for their writing.

A reminder to all families, that the Book Week Celebrations are next week. Tuesday is our dress up day ‘Your Favourite Book Character’, a parade will occur in assembly at 9.00am, all parents are welcome. Friday morning will see the class Book Presentations in the gym at 9.00am, again all parents are most welcome.

Due to inclement weather on Monday, the Goldfields Athletics Sports were once again postponed. The new and final date is Monday 31st August.

The ‘Jump Off’ for Jump Rope for Heart is now planned in our Family Groups on Monday 14th September. It is pleasing to see a number of students skipping in the yard as we lead up to the event.

The Breakfast program was once again successfully conducted this week. On Monday morning we were very busy, with our Prep – Grade 4 students and Friday offered a chance for our Grade 3-6 students to come in and have an extra breakfast.

I am still receiving excellent feedback regarding the re-introduction of the Fresh Fruit Friday, which was an initiative of our Junior School Council. Thank you to our sponsors who are listed on the back page of our newsletter. Well done JSC.

Individual Naplan Reports have been distributed today. Finally, another reminder the Prep enrolments for 2016 are NOW due. Please contact the front office for an enrolment form or download one.
Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 5

  • Welcome new students
  • Prep Enrolments 2016
  • Fresh Fruit Friday
  • Early Years Incursion
  • Goldfields Athletics
  • JRFH
  • Book Week

Welcome to Kahos and Lilly Parry, who have joined us in Grade 1J and 2ST. The school is calling for enrolments of Preps for 2016. If you have a child in kinder and have yet to fill out enrolment forms and are intending to enrol your child for Prep next year, then I ask you to please action on this asap. This is very important for the school, so thank you for attending to this.

Congratulations to the Junior School Council who has successfully re introduced Fresh Fruit Friday.

To celebrate our Integrated Studies unit on “Creature Features’, Xavier from Wildlife Xposure visited the Prep, One and Two classes on Monday this week. He showcased a variety of animals and mini-beasts in the gym and taught us about animal coverings, life cycles and habitats. Each student had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of creatures and with Xavier’s assistance they also got to hold an animal by themselves. It was a fantastic hands on learning opportunity for our Early Years students.

The Goldfields Athletics will be conducted next Monday 17th August at Llamberris, we would like to wish all 80 participating students all the best.

Registration forms for the ‘Jump Off’, which is a part of the Jump Rope for Heart program, are accompanying this newsletter. The JRFH event will be held on Monday 31st August during our Families program.

I would like to give you a reminder to discuss and plan with your child a costume for Book Week. The guidelines are a ‘favourite book character’. A chance for the school to dress up and have some fun in Book Week on Tuesday 25th August.

Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 4

A very dedicated bunch of parents worked tirelessly over many months to prepare and conduct our 5th annual Book Fair. The passion that was shown towards this our major fund raiser by the committee members, Kathy, Shelley, Nel & Peter was absolutely marvellous. Their efforts enabled yet another very successful book fair to be conducted, which raised $6,474.60. An amazing amount. A BIG thank you and well done to this core group.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank ALL the parents and staff who, donated books, helped with the setup, baked food for our food stall, volunteered time over the weekend and helped with the pack up. What a great team effort.

Thank you to our sponsors.(See back page) We appreciate your support. The writers workshops added a different angle (thank you Mark and Toby) and the food stall conducted in the canteen all weekend, also brought some depth to the fund raising. Well done and thank you to Kathy, Shelley and Jurgen who worked tirelessly all weekend.

What a collective effort, a real sense of community. I am very proud to be connected with such a dynamic school community who is prepared to get behind their local school and work together for the greater good. Well done everyone and on behalf of the students and staff I would like to say once again, thank you.

The funds will enable us to continue to focus on strengthening literacy across all age groups, continue putting appropriate resources in place, offering staff professional development and to continue to improve student outcomes in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.

Peter Burke
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