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Term 3 - week 6

Book Week Dress Up Day
What an exciting day for the many who dressed up as their favourite book character. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all students and the celebration of literacy throughout the school. At the time of writing, preparations are in place for the annual book week presentations that were hosted this morning in the hall. Again, it is fantastic to emphasise the importance of literacy acquisition at Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit Primary Schools.

Parent Opinion Survey
For all those parents who have completed the online parent opinion survey we thank you. For those who haven't, we remind you to access the survey on the following weblink and complete the survey by the 27th August. This survey helps us, as a school, work toward our aim of constant improvement and every opinion/view matters. Thank you in anticipation.

Somers Camp
Our nine Somers Camp participants leave on Tuesday for this exciting and funfilled opportunity. We wish all participants an exciting and educational experience and look forward to hearing their stories.

Book Fair
As everyone is no doubt aware the Book Fair is fast approaching. We look forward to your support and thank all those who have not only contributed books but also those who have helped organise such a significant event (especially Nel & Shelley). Again, if you would like to help out please contact the school or Nel as we progress closer to the book fair date. A big thank you to Will Walton at Hocking Stuart who has been so generous with the signage. Thanks again Will!

Daylesford PS School Council
Just a reminder that the Daylesford PS school council meeting will be hosted on Tuesday the 26th August from 6.30pm

Lost Children of Daylesford
This year the Daylesford community commemorates the 150 anniversary of the Three Lost Children. Three young boys were unfortunately lost in the Daylesford Musk region and we, as a school, will be commemorating this significant and unfortunate event. Further information will follow in subsequent newsletters as to the approach the school will be taking to acknowledge these children. Also an account of the history and significance of what occurred will be featured.

South Street Events
We wish the Daylesford PS debating team every success in the grand final of the South Street debating competition held this coming Monday. Well done to all, what a great achievement by all Daylesford PS debaters. A big thank you to Trudi Blick with her devotion to upskilling our wonderful participants. Likewise we wish every success to our Senior choir who are competing this Monday, leaving school at about 10.30am. Very best wishes to all.

Parking restrictions in Central Springs Road
Finally please be vigilant to ensure you are not parking across access driveways in Central Springs Road.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 3 - week 5

Staff Absences
Unfortunately being this time of year, we do have staff who are absent and I wish to convey to the community that we try very hard to minimise the impact on the children by hopefully having a consistent replacement teacher in the class. The programs continue in a planned and sequential way. I do apologise for the inconvenience but we are trying very hard to ensure that the children have an exciting and supported educational experience at the school, including when teacher absences inevitably arise.

Piano Superstar
It is with great pleasure that we celebrate all the achievements of children at the school. I would specifically like to congratulate Neave English who has been learning and playing piano. Neave competed at South Street and won two silver medals in the '10 years and under' piano section. Congratulations Neave and well done!

Breakfast in the Gym
This program continues this coming Monday for 8am. You are most welcome to come along to the gym and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Our debating team will participate in the semi-final at South Street on Monday 21st August. What a wonderful achievement! Good luck to team members Aleesha Walker, Perri Eaton, Ruby Hunt, Freya Taylor and Francesca Khoury, our videographer/photographer.

Jump Rope for Heart
What a wonderful sunny afternoon we had for our Jump Rope for Heart. Lots of fun and laughter for both students and staff. Any sponsorship money that has not been handed in, please return to the office by Monday 21st August.

Book Week Dress Up Day
Next Tuesday we are hosting a “Dress Up Book character Day.” We invite all and sundry to dress up as their favourite book character! It should be a very colourful assembly on Tuesday! As a follow up we will be having our annual book week presentations from 9am – 11am on Friday 25th August in the school gym. We invite parents and community members along as we celebrate book week with all classes presenting a performance about a respective and selected book.

NAPLAN Results
The 2017 NAPLAN Year 3 & 5 reports have been distributed to parents today so all involved children will have handed these to their parents. We invite you to view and if you feel the need, touch base with your child's respective teacher.

Drummond Volunteers
I invite any person who believes they would like to help out with a general clean up/working bee at Drummond Primary School, to please contact myself so that we can organise an opportunity to assist. We are looking to host a 2 hour clean up before the end of term and I would love to have 3 or 4 helpers to assist. If you can spare the time please contact Meg at Drummond Primary School or myself.

Thank you everyone and enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 3 - week 4

Words in Winter Activities
Congratulations to all children and families who have involved themselves in the annual Words in Winter activities that commenced last Friday. This exciting program highlights the opportunity that writing presents, the pleasure of writing and reading and the promotion of active involvement and passion for reading and writing in the Daylesford community. The program continues until Sunday and further information and contact details are available in this newsletter.

Education Support Week
I would like to take this opportunity to highlight and celebrate the fabulous contribution made by all our Education Support Staff who undertake and assist the students and teachers at the school. Your contribution is immense and I encourage students and parents to say thank you for all their support (eg. assisting funded children, school sporting opportunities, all office employees, first aid, OH&S, library, numeracy & literacy intervention, Kitchen Garden, canteen, grounds and the list goes on!) Thank you to all!

Please note all year 3 and 5 parents that it is expected the NAPLAN results will arrive at the school next week. We will distribute them as soon as we are able so please stay tuned.

Jump Rope For Heart
We look forward to the children being involved in the Jump Rope For Heart sessions in the last hour on Monday. Parents are also most welcome to participate.

The annual teachers vs students volleyball competition was held in conjunction with Ben Tsaptsalis' Victorian Volleyball Competition fundraiser. Congratulations to all teams, especially the girl's team, as presented in the accompanying photo, who displayed great volleyball skills in defeating the teachers. A great deal of fun was had by all.

Book Fair
Please remember and spread the word regarding our annual Book Fair to be held on the weekend of the 2nd of September. If you can assist with the book sort it would be greatly appreciated (contact myself at the office). Thank you to all volunteers, especially Nel and Shelley, who have undertaken a power of work in preparation. Certainly more volunteers are required. Thank you to all who have donated books, it has been incredible!

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 3 - week 3

South Street Debating
I had the pleasure of attending the Primary Schools Debating competition aligned with the Royal South Street competitions. What an opportunity to witness our very talented teams compete against a range of other primary schools throughout the region. Our three teams confidently debated their case and it is with great pleasure that I announce all Daylesford Primary School teams won! We now await the next stage as the competition moves forward to the semi-final stage. Well done to all our teams, all emergency debaters and all parents who were fortunate to witness this marvellous achievement by the Daylesford Primary School debaters. A special mention to Trudi who guided the children extensively throughout the preceding 3 months. A great effort by all!

Book Fair
At this stage hopefully everyone has noticed the signage at the front of the school promoting the School Book fair to be held on Saturday and Sunday the 2nd & 3rd of September. We are receiving many generous book donations and I would like to thank the generosity of all donors. We now continually require volunteers to help sort these books. You are most welcome to contact myself or office staff if you can spare some time to assist with this very important aspect of preparation.

Kitchen Garden Volunteers
Our wonderful joint coordinator of the Kitchen Garden Program, Sandra, has requested a call out for any volunteers who can assist with the Kitchen Garden Program at the school. Of course, there is a requirement for a ‘Working with Children Check’ but can I add that this magnificent program requires the assistance of others to continually be successful. I encourage anyone interested in assisting to get in touch with the school, you will also receive a great deal of satisfaction in contributing to our Kitchen Garden Program!

Ben-sports Star Dress Up Day
Many children and staff dressed up and donated a gold coin to support Ben Tsaptsalis, an ex Daylesford Primary school student, to raise money for his trip to the Gold Coast in September as a member of the Victorian volleyball team competing in the national titles. We are all very proud of Ben’s achievement and wish him all the best in preparation. Today we also had the teachers vs students annual volleyball match! This lunchtime event no doubt was heatly contested and I look forward to announcing the winner at the assembly on Tuesday.

Words In Winter
Commencing this weekend, the Words in Winter program places a spotlight on literacy and writing, starting with an acknowledgement to Country and a spell of storytelling at 4:30pm, Friday 5th at the Words in Winter Hub, 81 Vincent Street. I encourage everyone to be involved in the Words in Winter family fun. For full details refer to the flyer you received with last weeks’ newsletter or for full program details:

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

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