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Dec 2014

Term 4 - week 11

  • Presentation Evening
  • Grade 6 Dinner
  • 2015 School Captains
  • 2015 House Captains
  • Reports
  • Cultural Awards
  • Highlights of 2014

Wow what a week!

Congratulations to the 2014 School Captains, Kaiah and Austin who did an amazing job, last Thursday night at our Presentation Evening. Congratulations and good luck to all our graduating students. Well done to all the staff involved in the highly successful evening.
Congratulations to Holly and Josh on their appointment as 2015 School Captains. I look forward to working with you both in the New Year.

The 2015 House Captains were announced at assembly this week. Thank you to all the students who nominated. It was highly competitive and it is terrific to think so many students wish to be leaders in the school.

Thank you to all the parents who did an amazing job with the organisation and coordination of the Grade 6 Dinner. The students had a lovely time and the DVD, along with the year book was a fantastic send off.

Reports were issued this week. Please take the time to read these thoroughly. The staff put a lot of time into the reporting process and they contain a lot of valuable information about your child’s progress.

The Ivor Bowen Cultural Awards were presented at assembly. The recipients of these awards will be placed on our Ivor Bowen Cultural Awards Sculpture at the front of the school. Thank you David Dawson from Overwrought, for your ongoing support.
Highlights of 2014. Well where does one start? As I reflect on the year, the first thing I recognise is the outstanding work by our staff across three schools, who have done a wonderful job in delivering a quality teaching and learning program throughout the year. I also think of how we value add so extremely well, programs such as LOTE, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Choir, Drumbeat, Kitchen Garden, Debating, Swimming, House Sports, Excursions, Expos, Family Groups, Social Competency Program are just some of the ways we extend the children and support learning.

All in all a wonderful year. Thank you to our School Council, thank you to all the families who have supported the school, thank you to all the staff for your dedication and finally thank you to members of our community who support the school in so many ways.
Have a great holiday everyone.

Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 10

  • P-2 Performances
  • Art Exhibition at Daylesford Health Services
  • Fortnightly Focus – Celebrate Community
  • Assembly
  • Gifts to Daylesford Family Services
  • 2015 Transition Process
  • Yandoit Concert
  • Drummond Concert
  • Volunteer’s Morning Tea
  • Presentation Evening

Our final meeting for the year of our Family groups was held in the gym on Monday. Our Preps, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students performed for us. It was a lovely way to conclude the Family Groups program. The variety and level of performance by the Early Years students was wonderful. Well done Suzanne and thank you to all the parents who were able to attend.

Last Friday, Nicole took 24 grade 5/6 students to the Daylesford Medical Centre to the launch of the children’s art work. The opportunity to exhibit in a very public place within our community has given the students the authentic experience of creating with a particular audience in mind and a chance to see and hear that audience’s response and feedback first hand.

Lewin Judd played a beautiful recorder piece at assembly this week.

Our Grade 5Mc students reinforced our Focus of the Fortnight ‘Celebrate Community’ as assembly this week. Their message was an excellent one.

Our Family Groups all purchased a Christmas Gift during the past week and then presented them to Daylesford Family Services at assembly. Ray from DFS, was very appreciative and thanked the children for their act of kindness. We believe this act of giving reinforces the notion of community and that when you are a part of a community then helping others and offering to help others is a very important element. It was wonderful to see the look on the children faces, as a shopping trolley full of Christmas gifts was wheeled out the door.

The Grade 6 students spent a day at the Secondary College as a part of their transition into 2015. This allowed our school to transition up into next year’s classes. It has been a complex process to prepare class structures and class lists for 2015, but I am very pleased and confident that we have done a good job and will be able to yet again offer a high quality teaching and learning program across the school in 2015.

Well done to the Yandoit PS community on what was a terrific night at the Yandoit Concert. The sense of community is very strong and it was a lovely concert. Well done to the staff of Yandoit, Deb Rauber, Josie Berto, Robyn Stickland, Dave Lewis and Michelle Quinn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robyn Stickland for her work at Yandoit. We have transferred Robyn to Drummond next year due to rising enrolments. We therefore welcome Nicole Wassell who will be joining the Yandoit staff next year.

Thank you also to the Drummond School community for their concert during the week. They too have teamed together very well this year. I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of the staff in Dianne van Baalen, Nadine Jankowski and Michelle throughout the year. The growth in enrolments makes for a very exciting time at Drummond in 2015. In response to the increase in enrolments, Robyn Stickland will be joining the Drummond Team next year, along with Leah Stevens.

Our volunteer’s morning tea was well attended on Wednesday. It was our small way of saying thank you to all our volunteers for their work throughout the year. We also took the opportunity to present the Catherine King Community Award to Trefor John and Merrilyn Sim for their outstanding contribution to our school.

Finally, our Grade 5/6 presentation evening on Thursday night was an outstanding success. (A full report of academic awards and photos of performances will be in next week’s newsletter). The night allows the school to stop and celebrate how successful it has been in offering a quality education to our students. I am very proud of the school and what it offers the students, across the seven years of Primary Schooling. The end result is a wonderfully rounded child who graduates from Primary School, with a wide range of experiences and skills.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 9

  • P-2 Swimming program
  • Grade 5/6 performances
  • Gold coin donation to Family Groups
  • Invitation to our volunteers morning tea
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Transition Day Postponed
The P-2 swimming program is going extremely well. We are very lucky to have a pool and pleased that we can offer our P-2 families a quality swimming program. I would like to acknowledge and thank the Daylesford District Community Bank for their sponsorship.

Thank you for the gold coin donation to our Family Groups. Family Groups will be purchasing a Christmas present which will be presented to Daylesford Family Services in our assembly. This is a very good message to our students, about giving to other less fortunate than ourselves.

We continue to be entertained in our assemblies by Peter Burke class performances. 5/6M and 5/6C played this week. It is an excellent example of co-operation and persistence which is needed to perform at the level displayed.

I would like to once again invite all parents/carers, who have volunteered some of their time to the school over the course of the year, to attend our ‘Volunteer’s Morning Tea’ on Wednesday 10th December in the gym at 11.00am.

Finally, now that we have moved into summer, I would like to reinforce the school’s Emergency Management Plan. If the weather bureau forecasts a Code Red Day, then the school will be closed. If we are at school and a bushfire threatens our school, then we will place the school in ‘Lock Down’. This means that the children will return to their classroom and remain in their classroom awaiting further instructions.

If the external threat to the school heightens, we would move into stage 2 of lockdown and relocate our students to the main building, which is considered a safer place of refuge. I must reinforce to parents, that when the school is in lockdown, a parent cannot remove their child from school at that time. We have explained this procedure to the children and the staff are well versed in this procedure. It is not my intention to practice stage 2 of a lockdown until early next year.

Peter Burke

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