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Term 4 - week 11

School Reports
The second semester reports were sent home with children today. If you haven’t received them, please contact the office and we’ll respond accordingly.

Presentation Night And Graduation Evening
Both Yandoit and Daylesford Primary School Grades 5/6 had their final presentation nights last week. What outstanding young people all these children are. The talent on display was superb! Congratulations everyone and well done!

Last Day Tomorrow
Please note that all classes conclude tomorrow at 3:20pm. There is no school at Daylesford, Drummond & Yandoit Primary School on Friday the 22nd of December.

Have A Wonderful Christmas Break
I wish all the Daylesford, Drummond & Yandoit Primary School Communities a wonderful, relaxing and fun filled Christmas break. What a year! Not only has it been extremely busy but the opportunities that have been presented to all children have been rich with a supportive educational platform of achievement. When you consider all the activities made available for children to celebrate and achieve, all school communities should be very proud. I would like to congratulate all the students, staff and families for their support and encouragement throughout 2017. Always the intention has been to advocate for the school children and communities at each of our annexes and Daylesford Primary School and I congratulate everyone for doing so.

I wish you all a safe break and we will see our Gr3-6 students here on Wednesday the 31st of January 2018. Our Foundation-Gr2 students will commence on Thursday the 1st of February 2018.

Enjoy your holidays.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 10

Step Up Day
Congratulations to all students, including the 2018 Year 7 cohort, who experienced their first opportunity to engage with their 2018 classmates and teachers. From all accounts, it was a very successful day and sets the scene for an exciting 2018 school year. In today’s newsletter, I have outlined the 2018 class teachers for everyone’s viewing.

Volunteers Morning Tea
Again thankyou to all volunteers who have contributed to our 2017 school year. Your involvement has been significant and the respect for all is immense. I trust also that everyone has enjoyed their involvement in respective volunteering experiences. Again thank you!

Concert And Presentation Night
I had the pleasure of experiencing the Yandoit Primary School concert on Wednesday night. Thank you to everyone who attended, especially the children who enjoyed their on stage opportunity to shine. It was a wonderful experience enjoyed by many!

5/6 Presentation Night
The Town Hall was packed for what was an extremely engaging Presentation night for our 5/6 students. It was an honour to witness so many talented students show casing their skills and performing so professionally. We are all very proud of our students and wish them all the very best into the future, whether it be in Year 6 2018 or their respective secondary colleges. I would like to now congratulate the award winners for 2017, which will be published, along with our 2018 school, house and specialist captains, in next week’s newsletter.

Junior Swim Program
Well done to our junior swimmers who engaged in what was a fantastic opportunity to practice and develop their respective swimming competencies. I would specifically like to thank Danni from the Bendigo Bank, who was instrumental in providing a sequential and engaging program. Likewise, I would like to thank Jordyn and Liam for their support to make the program a wonderful learning experience.

Year 6 Celebration Dinner
This very important Year 6 celebration will be hosted at the school gym on Monday the 18th of December from 5pm until 9pm. Our wonderful Year 6 students will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal and likewise be involved in fun activities. Thank you to Sherilee, Sam, Sandra and many others who have contributed so much in preparation for this important evening.

Staffing Changes
There have been a number of staff changes that have been implemented in preparation for the 2018 school year.

I would first of all like to thank Alex Playsted for his powerful and impressive contribution to the school community, but especially the Year 6 students throughout 2017. Alex is a respected colleague who has formed great relationships with students and staff. He displays integrity and focus and I, along with the rest of the Daylesford Primary School community, wish Alex all the best in 2018. We would also like to announce that Tom Powell is returning to Daylesford Primary School in 2018. Welcome back Tom! Tom will be teaching Grade 5 in 2018. Likewise, we have Sarah Bourke returning one day a week for 2018. Welcome back Sarah! Kerry Carman will be teaching at Yandoit in 2018. We wish Kerry all the best and thank her for her commitment to teaching at Daylesford Primary School in the preceding years.

Semester Two Reports
The end of year reports will be sent home with the children on Monday, the 18th of December. If you don’t receive your child’s report please contact the office.

Final Newsletter
The final newsletter for the year will be sent home with children next Thursday, the final day for Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit Primary Schools for the 2017 year.

Thursday The 21st Of December
Please note that this is the final day for all students. School will conclude at the regular time of 3.20pm.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 9

Junior Swim Program
The first week of our two-week junior swim program concluded today with a vast majority of children very actively engaged in this program. I would sincerely like to thank Bendigo Bank who have provided Danni, an Auswim trained teacher, who has been the linchpin for this program. Likewise, we have both Liam and Jordyn supporting the program. We would really like to know as to whether there are any parents with an Auswim qualification as we certainly need backup “on call” instructors just in case someone is unwell and the Auswim teachers are unable to attend. If you, or if you know of, any current Auswim trained instructors, can you please contact the school.

Drummond Primary School Concert
Last Monday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Drummond Primary School concert. Not only were the skills and talents of the children on display but the concert itself was very well attended by the Drummond community. Well done to all students and likewise Suzanne, Meg and Peter, the teachers, for what was a fun and engaging evening.

5/6 Presentation Night - Thursday 14th Dec.
We thoroughly look forward to the Daylesford Primary School Presentation and Graduation Night to be held next Thursday at 7.00pm at the Daylesford Town Hall. This will be a very engaging night and a wonderful opportunity to show case the talents of all senior children. We look forward to not only their performances but also celebrating achievements, especially those of our 2017 Year 6 children, as they move toward their next exciting educational opportunity at respective secondary schools. We look forward to seeing you there.

Kitchen Garden Volunteers Afternoon Tea
A huge thank you to all who have been involved in supporting the Kitchen Garden program throughout 2017. Whether it be the fantastic fundraising longest lunch at the end of term one (a huge thank you to both Natasha and Kylie!!), or the significant support by the whole Daylesford Community including our many parent helpers, it is greatly appreciated. Without this support the program would very much struggle to continue. Well done to all!!

Transition Day/step Up Day
We very much look forward to next Tuesday, the 12th of December, when our Year 6 children will be attending their respective secondary schools. All children will move up to their 2018 classes from 10am-1.30pm on this day.

Volunteer Morning Tea - Wednesday 13th Dec.
We look forward to hosting a morning tea for all our volunteers on Wednesday. It will be held in the Gym at 11am – 11.45am. If you have volunteered your time within our school, please come along. It is our way of saying thank you for your contribution.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 8

Junior Swimming Program
We are pleased to announce that all is in readiness for our Junior Swimming Program, which will commence on Monday 4th of December. Danni from the Bendigo Community Bank and Jordan Loughnane (both Auswim trained teachers) will teach the children basic swim and survival techniques over the two weeks. Liam Burke will also be assisting with the program. A huge thank you to the Bendigo Community Bank who are allowing Danni to be involved. Likewise, I would like to thank Paul, our Groundsman, for the many hours of work preparing the pool. As the pool is heated it is a great opportunity to teach our young students these vital skills.

2018 Enrolments
We are still getting enrolments for 2018 which is wonderful. We are now at the stage of finalising our classes and likewise the teachers. The listing of classes and teachers for 2018 will be announced on Tuesday 5th December after lunch. This is in preparation for 2017 ”up day” where children will be moving to their respective 2018 classes on Tuesday 12th December. We very much look forward to everyone supporting the next layer of their educational journey for 2018. The senior list will be displayed in the foyer of the Grade 5/6 area. The 3/4 list will be displayed in the OLC, the junior list will be displayed in the middle windows of the prep school classrooms. Thank you in anticipation and I’m sure everyone realises a great deal of thought and consideration has been expended to ensure that we have the best fit possible for everyone.

5/6 Presentation Evening
On Thursday the 14th of December, we will be hosting the Year 5/6 Presentation Evening, inclusive of the Graduation and Awards ceremony. This will be hosted at the Daylesford Town Hall beginning at 7pm. Children are expected to arrive at 6.30pm in preparation. We look forward to this engaging evening, where the talents of the Grade 5/6 children will be on display. The cost for the evening will be $5 per person or $10 per family. There will be a full dress rehearsal from 11.30 am on Wednesday 13th December, once again at the Town Hall.

Volunteers Morning Tea
We are currently in the early stages of planning our Volunteers Morning Tea, which will be held on Wednesday 13th December. We are doing everything possible to ensure that all our wonderful volunteers are invited along to this opportunity to celebrate all the fantastic work they do. We are realistic in thinking that we may unfortunately miss some of you so please contact the office if we have done so and you will be made most welcome! The Volunteer Morning Tea will be hosted in the Gym at 11 am -11.45am.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

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