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Term 1 - week 5

  • 3-6 Swimming Program
  • Regional Swimming Sports
  • House Swimming Sports
  • Parent/Teacher interviews
  • Specialist Captains
  • Family Groups
  • Special Guest at assembly
The 3-6 swimming program was a great success, it was very pleasing to see the improvement in the students. I would like to thank Maree Phypers for her voluntary help during the swimming program. It certainly helped with staff:student ratios.
A House meeting was held last Friday and the students have signed up for events at the House Swimming this Friday. The new found confidence in the water has resulted in a high participation rate in the sports. All parents are welcome to attend this Friday from 10.30 onwards.
Congratulations to the eight children who swam at the Regional Swimming Event on Sunday. Some excellent results, for full details see below my report. Thank you to Mr K and the parents who supported the children on the day.
Parent Teacher interviews are scheduled on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th March. Attached to this newsletter is the information and a booking sheet. Please complete the form and return it asap. This is an excellent opportunity to touch base with the teacher/s of your child/ren. We restrict the time to ten minutes, so we ask parents/carers to be punctual. Children are not expected at this interview, this allows the teacher and parent an opportunity to share information with each other that maybe confidential. Specialist Captains will be announced at assembly next week.
Our student leaders attended a Student Leadership Forum this week which was conducted by Mr Garner. The forum covered a range of topics. Key concepts such as; what makes a good leader, the role of a student leader and how can the student leadership group be effective across the school, were covered.
Family Groups started this week. The purpose of our Family Groups is to build positive relations across the school and to reinforce our focus of the fortnight. I am pleased to report, that the first session went very well and I am excited by what this program can achieve across the school.

Finally, it was a pleasure to have Tilka Brown, the Australian Liaison Officer for the ‘About Taste Project’ from Novara Italy, attend assembly and our school for two days this week. Tilka has been working with Trudi and the team who will be presenting a paper at the World Food Expo in Milan later this year. Tilka was able to share stories and pictures about our sister school in Italy during the LOTE classes.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 4

  • P-2 Testing
  • Lockdown procedure
  • Prep Parent’s morning tea
  • Parent/Teacher interviews
  • Friends of Performing Arts
  • Passing of Di Thornton
  • House Swimming Sports
The 3-6 swimming program has been a great success. Excellent weather and water temperature, coupled with excellent staff:student ratios and I am very, very pleased with the students attitude of “I will have a go” approach. All this has resulted in a steady improvement in the children’s swimming ability.

Our Parent Teacher interviews are scheduled for Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th March, by appointment between 4.00 – 6.00. Please make sure that as a parent you touch base with your child’s teacher/s. This interview does not involve the student. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for the parent/s to speak with the classroom teacher. Appointment sheets will be circulated next week.

Thank you to parents who have indicated they will volunteer their time to the school programs. This is very valuable and important to the school if we are to maintain our high standard of education.

I would like to put out a call to parents who would like to be involved in assisting the Performing Arts Program. It is our intention to put two major performance evenings together this year and Suzanne needs help. Would you be interested in joining the ‘Friends of Performing Arts’? If so please approach Suzanne or leave your name at the front office and we will call you.

The school was saddened to hear of the passing of Di Thornton earlier this week. Di taught at DPS for ten years between 1991-2001 and more recently has been connected with the school through her regional roll as a visiting teacher in student services. Despite a long battle with cancer, Di worked right up to the end of 2014. On behalf of the school community, I would like to pass on our condolences to her family and recognise her contribution to the education of young people.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to invite all parents/carers to our House Swimming Sports on Friday 27th February at the Daylesford Swimming Pool, starting at 10.30.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 3

  • Prep Parent’s Morning Tea
  • Lockdown practice & Code RED
  • Sponsorship KG3
  • 3-6 Swimming program
  • Early Years Picnic
  • Grade 6 Buddies and Preps
  • Focus of the Fortnight

I would like to invite all Prep parents to our Prep Parent’s Morning Tea, next Tuesday after assembly. This will be a chance to catch up with the Assistant Principal, David Garner and myself to have an informal chat and an opportunity to network with other Prep parents. I would like to give you prior warning that the school is conducting a practice Lockdown procedure next Tuesday afternoon. It is important that everyone in the school community is clear on our procedures if the school comes under an external threat such as fire. I therefore wish to outline in full our emergency procedures surrounding an external threat such as fire. Our response will be in two stages.

  1. Lockdown - Return to Classrooms

  1. Relocate whole school to main building
  2. Contact Emergency Services
  3. Activate Incident Control Systems (ICS) Plan
  4. Check CFA Website for more information

Can I also refer you to a detailed explanation surrounding Code RED procedures according to the Department of Education on the back page of this newsletter.

I would like to thank Scott and Elizabeth Scopel for their kind donation to our KG program. Scopel Electrical Services have donated $1,000 to our KG program. In recognition of this donation a large plaque will be placed in our garden bed. Thanks to the ongoing support of David Dawson and his business Overwrought, we have a lovely template. If any other businesses would like to sponsor a garden bed, we will also advertise their business in this way.

Thanks also to David Dawson for his continued support and work surrounding our Cultural Awards. The Ivor Bowen Cultural Award Sculpture at the front of the school is up to date with the 2014 leaves. Overwrought have been very kind to the school and we encourage you to support their business that has relocated out of town opposite the Swiss Mountain Hotel at Eganstown.

Well done to all the parents/carers of 3-6 who have prepared the children so well for the swimming program. The weather came good, the water temperature is up, we have three extra staff involved to reduce ratios and the program is progressing very well.

Thank you to all the Early Years Families that attended the EY Picnic at Jubilee Lake on Tuesday night. It was great to see so many families. I am very pleased with the way the EY students have settled into the school year.

The Grade 6 students meet with their Prep buddies on Monday. We will be starting the Families Program in week 5 on Monday 23rd February, after the 3-6 swimming program has concluded.

Finally, our focus of the fortnight can clearly been seen around the school as the students use good manners on a regular basis. A reminder to parents that our focus of the fortnight articles are placed in our newsletter so that you can reinforce the social values at home.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 2

  • Welcome
  • Staffing
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Exciting year ahead
Welcome back everyone!
Welcome to our new families. The students have settled in very well. Well done to all our parents/carers on preparing the children so well for the first day of school, particularly our Prep parents.

We have consolidation in our staffing this year (can I refer you to the grade list at the end of my report). The staff worked very hard during the pupil free days, attending excellent staff professional development, working in teams on term planners and preparing individual classrooms.

Student resources have been distributed to the children and parents will receive an invoice from the school around week three, it is important that all families attend to this account as the school is not in a position to carry over $15,000. We have registered with Centrepay, can I refer you to the further instructions on the front page of this newsletter.

I have spoken to staff about their roles and responsibilities throughout the year, I have spoken to the students at assembly about their role and responsibilities and I would like to remind parents of your role and responsibilities. We have a code of conduct that I expect all members of our school community to adhere to. A copy of this policy can be accessed on page 15 of the student engagement and wellbeing policy. Through our policies we constantly emphasise the importance of our school values.

Communication is a vital part of education. Please read this newsletter every week (it can also be accessed through our website and we have an email distribution list, if you would like to be added to that distribution list please contact the office.) Your first port of call of course is the classroom teacher, but Mr Garner (Assistant Principal responsible for student welfare) can also be contacted and appointments can be made to discuss any concerns or issues. Please contact the office if unsure whom to speak to and they will direct your query.

I am very excited about the school year. Our mission statement reads “Daylesford Primary School is committed to assisting each child to reach their full academic, creative and social potential. To achieve this we will provide a dynamic learning environment wherein students can develop resilience, manage their own learning and strive for their personal best. We aim to create a social environment in which our students feel part of a strong, respectful, caring and supportive community of staff, family and friends.” I believe we can provide this, but it requires a partnership between home and the school. I therefore look forward to working closely with you throughout 2015.

Peter Burke
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