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Term 1 - week 4

Daylesford Primary School-School Council Elections
As with every state school in Victoria we at Daylesford need to proceed with our school council election process.

At Daylesford Primary School we have a school council configuration of 15 members in total, made up of 8 parents, 5 Department of Education employees and 2 community members.

At this stage as the tenure for school council is two years we currently have 4 parent vacancies and 5 Department of Education vacancies. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Lauren Bennet, Kathy Douglas, Shelley Bowen, Lorinda Churches and community member Jennie Brennan for their contribution to school council over at least a two-year period. Likewise, I would like to thank David Garner, Karen McHugh, Peter Burke and Jendy Fry for their support of the Daylesford Primary School council over their many years of active contribution. It is very important to acknowledge that if any of the retiring school councillors wish to renominate they are most welcome. Again thank you for your support.

I have attached to this newsletter information about becoming a school councillor and I encourage everyone to read it. If you are interested in finding out further information please contact me and I’ll explore any considerations you may have. That being the case I would like to extend an invitation for any interested parents who would like to be involved in school council to please fill out a nomination form that is available at the office.

The nomination process extends from today, Friday 24th February, to Friday the 3rd of March. A timetable of the school council election process has been posted on the sliding window at the office.

School council is a wonderful opportunity for people to impact the direction of the school and I encourage any interested parties to have a chat with me regarding nomination and involvement. Again thank you for your support.

Senior Swimming Sports
At the time of printing, the Gr3-6 children have just completed the 2 week swimming program. Congratulations to all participants and we trust that the weather was fantastic for today's event. It is wonderful to see the active participation of all. A huge thankyou to our supporters who did a great job including Sherilee, who coordinated the program, Maree Phypers who was a sensational support and Kara Cooper who instructed our future swimmers.

Monday morning Breakfast
A huge thank you to the breakfast club organisers for what was a wonderful breakfast last Monday. Please be aware that there are two breakfast clubs per term. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 1 - week 3

Year 3-6 School Swimming Program
Although we have experienced challenging weather the students involved in our school swimming program have been enthusiastic in lessons and have been active participants. A huge thank you to all children and likewise parents who have supported the program. Our school swimming sports will be hosted at the Daylesford pool on Friday 24th February. Those students who have been deemed as participants in the combined primary schools program on Friday 3rd March have received the appropriate permission form. We look forward to all the positive comments from participants during this year’s swimming program. Well done to all.

Junior Picnic at Jubilee Lake
It was wonderful to see so many parents and children at the jubilee Lake picnic Tuesday evening. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, the weather was beautiful and what a fantastic location.

Breakfast in the Gym
We look forward to as many children as possible participating in the Breakfast program to be held this coming Monday 20th Feb at 8.15am. Thank you to all the volunteers for promoting and supporting such a great program.

Just a reminder to everyone that it is very important for all students to wear an appropriate Daylesford Primary School hat and likewise it is recommended to apply sunscreen every couple of hours. This is important as we continue to be exposed to extremely hot days during this term.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 1 - week 2

What a pleasure it was to have so many parents attending Tuesday's assembly. To have a school that is so community minded and to have community celebrate the successes of the children is a standout. Well done to all! I would particularly like to highlight this year's prep children who listened and participated intently. Likewise the recognition of the school leaders was particularly important, especially with so many community members in the audience. I believe everyone should be extremely proud of the school, its students and staff and congratulations to all as the children certainly demonstrate the values of the school in so many ways.

Carlton Football Club players
On Thursday we had four Carlton players attending the school to host a football clinic for approximately 50 Year 5/6 students. For many, like myself, this was a very exciting time. We thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the players.

Year 3-6 swimming
Please keep in mind that the year 3-6 commence their intensive swimming program, culminating in the House Swimming Sports on Friday 24th of February. We look forward to all students concerned being involved and learning both swimming and survival techniques. If we could have all required permission forms back by this Friday, 10th February, it would be appreciated.

Thank you again for all your welcomes and I look forward to working with each family. I also look forward to the day when I remember everyone's name.

Enjoy your weekend

Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 1 - week 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the commencement of our new school year. As the new principal of Daylesford, Drummond & Yandoit Primary Schools, it has been a wonderful start to the year. I have met some of the parents and many of the children, who have politely introduced themselves to me. You should be very proud of your children and likewise Daylesford Primary School, Yandoit Primary School and Drummond Primary School which I visited last week.

As we proceed I look forward to meeting parents and engaging in some exciting programs that have been planned throughout the year.

Extreme Fire Rating Days Closure BARR School Daylesford, Drummond & Yandoit Primary Schools are all BARR schools (Bushfire at Risk Register). This means that on all Extreme Fire Danger Rating Days all BARR schools will be closed. No children or staff are to attend on these Extreme Fire Danger Days. This will be communicated via SMS system operating at the school. Please be aware of this as the safety of all is paramount on these extreme Fire Danger rating days.

Student accident insurance and Ambulance Cover Arrangements
I bring to your attention the following in that parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of an ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transportcosts. Parentsandguardianscan purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers. As the cost of ambulance can be very high it may be worth considering being an ambulance insurance holder into the future.

Working With Children Check
It is fabulous to see people volunteering their time and expertise in supporting the wonderful programsattheschool. Theschoolhasmany people who help and assist and it is very much appreciated. A requirement for all volunteers in Victorian schools is to ensure that all have a current working with children check. Whether it be for the Kitchen Garden Program, the canteen helpers, reading helpers or swimming helpers, it is a must to ensure that all abide by this requirement. If you would like to discuss either helping or volunteering please contact Karen McHugh or myself. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

School Council Elections
All state schools are preparing for the 2017 School Council election process. Further information will follow in subsequent newsletters.

I hope everyone enjoys their upcoming weekend and thank you for the welcome.

Trevor Edwards, Principal

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