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Term 1 - week 4

Year 3-6 Swimming Program And Swimming Sports
Congratulations to all year 3 to 6 children who actively participated in our yearly swimming program. The weather wasn't exactly conducive to this opportunity at times but the children courageously battled the cold pool and biting wind which, at times, made the conditions quite difficult. At the time of writing all is in preparation and we are ready for our annual swimming carnival. We have some excellent and talented swimmers but I also encourage all parents to consider swimming lessons for their child/children throughout the year as the benefits, confidence and skill development of participants is obvious. Thank you to all children, staff and volunteers for your help with this very important and mandated program. The junior swimming program commences in November/December.

Foundation Photo
Today we had the Courier photographer in attendance to take a group photo of the Foundation/Prep children. This photo will be published in the very near future. We are very proud of our young students who have so positively commenced their educational journeys at Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit Primary Schools.

School Councils
At this stage, I would like to put a call out for parents of Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit Primary Schools who would like to contribute to the school community by being on school council. Please contact myself or inquire at the office. This process will be active until next Friday, the 2nd of March. Thank you in anticipation.

Private Guitar Tuition
If you would like your child to participate in private (fee paying) guitar tuition, please check page 4 for details. Guitar is a wonderful instrument to learn and provides a great deal of pleasure and focus. For further details, please contact myself or Sean Dixon.

Pupil Free Day Friday 9th March
Just another reminder that there is a pupil free day on Friday the 9th of March. Likewise, the Labour Day holiday is on Monday the 12th of March.

Eureka Combined Swimming Sports, Friday 2nd March
Please note we have some 20 senior students who will be competing at the Eureka Combined Swimming Sports Day next Friday. We wish them all the very best as they represent Daylesford Primary School with gusto. Thank you also for all the support from parents. Both Andrew Kiellerup and Sherilee will be in attendance.

Thank you to all the parents who have supplied Lego, construction materials, microscopes and telescopes. If you have any of these items that are no longer used by you or the family and you would like to donate them to our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) program they will be gratefully accepted. Thank you to all so far!

Parent Teacher Interviews
We look forward to focusing our attention toward the parent teacher interviews which will be hosted at the school Term 1 2018 No. 4 Friday, 23rd February, 2018 on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, the 6th & 7th of March. We look forward to communicating with all parents as to the progress and expectations of each child as we work toward developing a collective and communicated educational journey for all children at the school. If you haven't yet made an appointment please contact the office on 53482480 to be allocated a mutually convenient time.

Enjoy your weekend

Trevor Edwards,

Term 1 - week 3

School Council 2018
Thank you to all those parents who have nominated for the Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit 2018 School council elections. At the time of printing, we still have some vacancies in the parent categories at all schools. I encourage you to consider nominating and I am available to discuss aspects of what the role of a school councillor consists of. The closure of nominations is this coming Monday the 19th of February at 4pm.

Years 3 To 6 Swimming Program
Apart from one day this week when the weather wasn't appropriate, we have participated in the Year 3 to 6 swimming program. With the long-term forecast looking promising next week we should be able to complete our program in a positive way. Next Friday, the 23rd of February, is our annual Year 3-6 swimming sports. We invite all parents and community members along to what is a fantastic fun event providing all Year 3-6 students an opportunity to participate. The swimming sports commence at 9.30am at the Daylesford Olympic Pool.

9th March Pupil Free Day
Aligned with the Labour Day long weekend we will be having a pupil free day at all three sites on this day as the staff participate in a Professional Development Day aligned with Numeracy and STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

Science Gear
I'D LIKE TO PUT A CALL OUT FOR ANY UNUSED MICROSCOPES OR TELESCOPES THAT ARE NO LONGER NEEDED. If you would like to donate any of these two items to the school, they will be greatly accepted. Likewise, we are trying to engage the students in construction activities so Meccano, Lego or building blocks will also be gratefully accepted.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your upcoming weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 1 - week 2

Daylesford Primary School-School Council Elections
As with every state school in Victoria we at Daylesford need to proceed with our school council election process.

At Daylesford Primary School we have a school council configuration of 15 members in total, made up of 8 parents, 5 Department of Education employees and 2 community members.

At this stage, as the tenure for school council is two years, we currently have 6 parent vacancies and 2 Department of Education vacancies. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Kathy Douglas, Jo Steiner, Karyn McColl, Toby Sime & Natalie Hardy for their contribution to school council over at least a two-year period. Likewise, I would like to thank Alex Playsted for his support of the Daylesford Primary School council in 2017. It is very important to acknowledge that if any of the retiring school councillors wish to renominate they are most welcome. Again thank you for your support.

I have attached to this newsletter information about becoming a school councillor and I encourage everyone to read it. If you are interested in finding out further information please contact me and I’ll explore any considerations you may have. That being the case I would like to extend an invitation for any interested parents who would like to be involved in school council to please fill out a nomination form that is available at the office.

The nomination process extends from Monday 12th February, to Monday the 19th of February. A timetable of the school council election process has been posted on the sliding window at the office.

School council is a wonderful opportunity for people to impact the direction of the school and I encourage any interested parties to have a chat with me regarding nomination and involvement. Again thank you for your support.

Coles Sports for Schools Program 2018
Daylesford, Yandoit & Drummond Primary schools are all registered for the Coles Sport for Schools fundraising program. As a result of this registration we have strategically placed collection boxes at Coles Daylesford. For every $10 spent customers receive one Sports for School voucher. We encourage you to spread the word, place the vouchers in the collection bins provided and as a result all three schools will be able to order sports equipment for the benefit of all students. The program has commenced as from Wednesday 7th February and continues until June 15th. By then we should have thousands of vouchers which will equate to many sporting goods (800 available items). Thank you for your support and please spread the word. At this stage we also have a collection box in the foyer area of Daylesford Primary School and I have ordered two more for both Yandoit and Drummond! This is a very exciting opportunity for all school to improve the availability of sporting equipment with your support.

Year 3-6 swimming
Please keep in mind that the year 3-6 commence their intensive swimming program on Monday, culminating in the House Swimming Sports on Friday 23rd of February. We look forward to all students concerned being involved and learning both swimming and survival techniques. Could we have all required permission forms back by Monday morning to enable all students to participate.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 1 - week 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the commencement of our new school year. As the principal of Daylesford, Drummond & Yandoit Primary Schools, it has been a wonderful start to the year. I have met some of the parents and many of the children, who have politely introduced themselves to me. We are all very proud of your children and likewise Daylesford Primary School, Yandoit Primary School and Drummond Primary School.

As we proceed I look forward to meeting new parents and engaging in some exciting programs that have been planned throughout the year.

Code Red Fire Rating Days Closure BARR School
Daylesford, Drummond & Yandoit Primary Schools are all BARR schools (Bushfire at Risk Register). This means that on all Code Red Fire Danger Rating Days all BARR schools will be closed. No children or staff are to attend on these Code Red Fire Danger Days. This will be communicated via SMS system operating from the school. Please be aware of this as the safety of all is paramount on these Code Red Fire Danger rating days. Yandoit Primary School will be relocating to Daylesford Primary School on Extreme fire danger days. Yandoit Primary school will be closed on these designated days and again this will be communicated via SMS. Thank you for your understanding with this as we continue to be proactive and prepared for these particular difficult fire danger days. If you have any concerns please contact me at the Daylesford Primary School Office. You should all have received a SMS testing text yesterday as we make sure that all parents/ guardians are able to be communicated to via our SMS program. If you change your mobile number at any point, please make sure that the office is notified.
Thank you!

Student accident insurance and Ambulance Cover Arrangements
I bring to your attention the following in that parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of an ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs. Parents and guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers. As the cost of ambulance can be very high it may be worth considering being an ambulance insurance holder into the future.

Working With Children Check
It is fabulous to see people volunteering their time and expertise in supporting the wonderful programs at the school. The school has many people who help and assist and it is very much appreciated. A requirement for all volunteers in Victorian schools is to ensure that all have a current working with children check. Whether it be for the Kitchen Garden Program, the canteen helpers, reading helpers or swimming helpers, it is a must to ensure that all abide by this requirement. If you would like to discuss either helping or volunteering please contact Karen McHugh or myself. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

School Council Elections
All state schools are preparing for the 2018 School Council election process. Further information will follow in subsequent newsletters.

I hope all children have had an enjoyable start to the year, especially our 2018 Foundation students and all students who are new to our school.

Trevor Edwards,

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