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Jul 2014

Term 3 - week 2

A wonderful slideshow about the Landscape Exhibition was presented in assembly this week and all the children involved were presented with a certificate. Nicole Wassell was recognised by the students for her commitment to the project.

The focus of the fortnight presentation at assembly by 2TW was excellent. It really captured what a goal setting is and how goal setting can make difference in your life long achievements. It was a wonderful lead into the parent/teacher/student interviews.

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended our parent/teacher/student interviews on Wednesday. The students did a very good job in reflecting on their learning throughout semester 1 and sharing their learning and personal goals for semester 2. The challenge now remains that the students need to action on these goals. So this is where the partnership between home and school can work together, revisiting the steps the children need to take to achieve improvement in certain areas of their learning.

The Mid-Year Ivor Bowen Memorial Cultural Awards were presented at assembly this week. Sixteen children across grade 3-6, were recognised in the areas of Performing Arts, Choir, LOTE and Visual Arts. The awards go to children who continually present in a positive way and show commitment to the areas of study. I congratulate these children and encourage all children to make the best of their opportunities within our Specialist Program.

I would like to make a final call to parents. Please volunteer an hour of your time and get behind our major fundraiser for the year, the Book Fair. Remember many hands make heavy work light and there are a number of ways in which parents can get involved. Firstly, strong hands are required to lift all the boxes of books down from their shelving for final sorting this weekend (Sunday 27th July). Then help is needed on Friday 1st August to help set up the gym. Then a roster of helpers over the weekend of Sat 2nd and Sunday 3rd are needed to help collect all the proceeds. Can you help? If so, please call the front office and leave your details.

Forty parent opinion surveys were posted this week. If you have received a parent opinion survey would you be kind enough to complete this confidential survey which is managed by the department. The data we receive back in a form of a report is valuable feedback which the school looks at very closely to inform our policy and decision making.

Next Monday we have two teams competing at South Street in debating. We wished these children all the best in assembly and look forward to a full report next week.

Finally, we have flown our flag at half-mast throughout this week, as a sign of respect for the Australians who were killed on the Malaysia Airline Flight that was shot down in Ukraine.

Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 1

• Welcome New Students
• Goal Setting
• Parent/Teacher Interviews
• Cultural Awards
• Giant Sandpit
• Gym Blinds
Welcome back everyone. Term 3 will be an exciting term, with many great things to look forward to. Welcome to Nellie and Hamish Ferguson, who have joined our school. I know the children and their family will be embraced by our community.
We have started the term focusing on goal setting. The expectation that we place on all the students, is that they reflect on their first semester report and in turn set new learning goals for semester two. Our Early Years students are fully supported through this process and staff facilitate the process with grades 3-6. The sharing of these goals is a major part of the parent/teacher/student interviews which are scheduled for next Wednesday. Parent/teacher/student interview booking sheets came home on Tuesday. A reminder to book in if you haven’t already and we look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. A reminder, that there are NO formal classes next Wednesday.
Next week in assembly we are presenting our Mid- Year Cultural Awards and there will be a small presentation by the students involved in the Landscape Exhibition at the NGV. The giant sandpit was opened this week to our P-2 students. It created a great deal of interest and an excellent place to play on poor weather days and when the oval is closed. I would like to acknowledge Paul Thomas our maintenance man who built the structure and wheel barrowed all the sand in by hand. A mighty job Paul, thanks.

Many thanks to Shelly Sandow (Jamie’s mum), who repaired our blinds in the gym. They now hang well and can be drawn up and down. It was lovely to have some natural light flooding into the gym during our assembly on Tuesday.

Peter Burke

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