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Term 3 - week 3

  • Early Years Expo
  • Parent Opinion Surveys
  • Goldfield Athletics – Postponed until
    Monday 17th August
  • Pupil Free Day approved by School Council - Wednesday 2nd September
  • Book Fair

The EY Expo last Thursday was a great success. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and friends who attended. Weren't the students amazing in the way they shared and presented their knowledge.

Thank you to all the parents who have completed the Parent Opinion Surveys (only 40 randomly selected families across the school). This feedback is very important to the school and comes to us by way of an extensive report which is prepared by the Education Department.

Due to poor weather the Goldfields Athletics scheduled for next Monday has been postponed. The new date is Monday 17th August.

School Council has approved a Pupil Free Day on Wednesday 2nd September, please place this straight into your diaries. Staff will be involved in professional development looking closely at how to improve writing across all age groups.

We are all ready for the Book Fair. Please come along and support our Book Fair. Thank you to all the parents who have been working tirelessly this week and who are offering a number of volunteer hours over the weekend. I look forward to reporting about it successes.

Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 2

  • Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews
  • State XC
  • Sick Leave
  • Staffing
  • School Photos
  • Cultural Awards
  • Book Fair

Thank you to all families who attended our Parent/Student/Teacher interviews. The staff and students, I think you would agree, did a terrific job in developing their personal and learning goals for the second half of the year. Conversations based on semester one reports have led to honest evaluations of student’s progress and therefore the setting of realistic goals. Goal setting works! This is why we have taken the time to explicitly develop learning goals with the students. Please continue to have conversations with your child surrounding their progress in this area.

Congratulations to both Charlotte Streat and James Childs who competed in the State Cross Country event in Melbourne last week. This was their first race at this level and therefore a huge learning curve. The course was wet and muddy and very demanding. We are very proud of both the students in getting through to the State level, what an amazing achievement to be running against the best XC runners in the State. Thank you to parents of both James and Charlotte for all their support.

I am pleased to be back after taking some sick leave. Thank you to Mr Garner and Ms Wrigley for their work whilst I was away. My immediate observation on my return this week was the excellent relationships that exist between staff and students right across the school. The tone in the school has purpose and the learning environment is rich and meaningful.

We welcome Katie Yeung who is replacing Suzanne Hobson for two weeks whilst she takes some LSL.

School photos arrived and were distributed this week. I am very pleased with the quality.
Congratulations to all the Mid-Year Cultural Awards recipients who were presented their certificates in assembly this week. The awards are to recognise and encourage ongoing commitment and endeavour in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and LOTE. They recognise and encourage students who have put in their best efforts. These students give everything a go and they think beyond their own learning needs, they work well in pairs and in teams. They are considerate listeners and show initiative and persistence.

Book Fair is only one week away. Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2rd. The committee members have done a great job with putting things in place. We now need your help on the day. Can you help? Can you spare 1-2 hours? Please ring 53482480 and leave your details at the front office.

Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 1

  • Celebrating success
  • Goal setting and PTS interviews
  • Fundraising Efforts and Book Fair
  • Trading of cards, toys

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso

The mid-year break provides both an opportunity to reflect on and measure how far we have come, and to set goals on focus on the second semester. I would like to start this reflection with a celebration of the successes in the last two weeks of Term Two.

Firstly, the outstanding art work created by our Year 5/6 students which were displayed in Melbourne as part of the Local Landscapes Exhibition. The twenty-five students who produced this artwork represented the school and themselves in a very respectful and proud manner and are to be congratulated. Thank you, Nicole for your work with these students throughout Semester 1. We look forward to the presentation at next week’s assembly.

Secondly, the Early Years Performance in the last week of school was nothing short of spectacular. The children put on a magnificent show and conquered many a fear around public speaking and shyness while still displaying their talents in Performing Arts and LOTE. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to perform in front of a large audience and the feedback I have received from parents and community members since has been so very positive. Thank you to the teachers, parents and friends who helped to support the children in their performance.

Thirdly, the Major Games Day took place on the last Thursday of Term Two. Our Year 5/6 students represented our school proudly. The reports I have had around sportsmanship, support, positive role modelling, helping other schools and respect have been overwhelming. Well done to these students and thank you.

The first few weeks of this term are all about goal setting. The children and teachers will take stock of achievements in Semester 1 and use this to set and monitor goals with the students for the rest of the year. These goals, along with the semester 1 reports will be discussed at the Parent-Teacher-Student interviews next Wednesday 22nd July. A wonderful opportunity for the children to talk about their learning and their goals with both you and their teacher. If you have not already made a time, please do so at the office. A reminder there are no regular classes on this day, but it is important that the children attend these interviews.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and teachers who have helped in two major fundraising efforts over the past two months. The Winter Raffle and Farmer’s Arms Raffle have raised close to $5000 for our school. Without efforts like this, we would not be able to offer the programs and resources we do at DPS – thank you! Which brings me to our next major fundraiser – the Book Fair. Preparations are well underway and if you can help with some sorting this Saturday, please come along to the Gym and help. The event is on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of August and a lot of work needs to go into the preparation, running and pack up of this event and every pair of hands is welcome.

Lastly, throughout the course of the year, there have been a number of issues around the trading of cards and toys. To help manage this issue, we are placing a stop on the trading of any cards (i.e. Pokemon) and other toys. The children are more than welcome to bring them and play with them – they are a fabulous way for children to interact – but trading is strictly forbidden at school. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this and hope you will have conversations at home which support this message.

I am very much looking forward to a positive and productive, even if icy, second semester.

David Garner

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