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Term 2 - week 10

• 5/6 Poetry Performance Program
• Book Fair Committee & helpers
• Winter Raffle
• Senior Choir Performance
• Major Games Day
• Term Highlights
• School Reports
• Winter Raffle
• New Policy and guidelines for Special Religious Instruction
• Reminder re start date for term 3

The final week of term started with our grade 5/6 students putting on a performance. The Poetry Performance Program has been delivered by Suzanne within the Performing Arts classes. It was a great success, very funny, the children showcased their work in small groups, ranging from chants, verse, song and play. The back drop created by Merrilyn Sim, provided a wonderful setting on our stage.

Thank you to a number of parents who assisted members of the Book Fair committee in sorting books in our gymnasium over the weekend. This year’s Book Fair in August is going to be another great event.

Due to knee surgery, I am going to miss the Senior Choir’s performance at the Town Hall on Wednesday night, but I know that those who attend are in for a real treat.
The 5/6 students finish the term with a Major Games Day at St Michaels, I hope the weather is kind.

Well where has term 2 gone! So many highlights! I am very pleased with the way our staff have continued to implement the ‘Daily 5’ program in our literacy block. It has brought about excellent learning habits and is having a very positive impact on literacy. This is reflected upon in the student’s reports.

You will have just received your child’s semester report. Please take the time to sit down with your child and discuss the report with them. Celebrate all the learning and congratulate them on their efforts. Also assist them in identifying learning goals in areas that need improvement, so as to prepare them for the conversation their teacher will have with them in week one of next term. Please remember that the children will develop a number of learning goals for semester two, which they will share at the parent/teacher/student interviews in week two of next term.

A BIG thank you to the parents of the Grade 6 dinner committee, who have co-ordinated the Winter Raffle. Nine wonderful prizes were given away at this week’s assembly. Proceeds go the Grade 6 Dinner, which is a wonderful celebration at the end of the year for our graduating students.

The Department has just released a new policy and parent consent form for Special Religious Instruction (SRI) in Government Schools. The policy has been developed to assist principals and school communities to understand the roles, responsibilities and requirements related to the delivery of SRI in Victorian government schools. We know this program as CRE. I have spoken at length with Helen Scrutton who co-ordinates and teachers the program with our school and she assures me that the program will not alter under the new guidelines and that she and her staff are delivering the program according to the guidelines. As you know parents have already opted in to this program at the beginning of the year. If you wish to discuss the changes of policy or opt-out of the program feel free to call me and discuss.

Finally, a reminder that term 3 starts on Tuesday 15th July. Monday 14th July is a Pupil Free Day to allow staff to be engaged in some Professional Development.

Thank you for your support this term.

Happy holidays to all.

Peter Burke

Term 2 - week 9

• Focus of the fortnight
• School Photos
• ICAS exams
• Semester Reports
• Goldfields athletics team announcement
• Earlier dismissal next Friday (free dress day)
• Student Free Day 1 next term

During assembly this week, Prep W shared with us their thoughts on our fortnightly focus, ‘Trust’. It was insightful. We can certainly learn a lot from the modelling of our youngest age group in the school.

Thank you to parents/carers for the way you presented the children on Wednesday for school photos. They looked terrific. David Torrington (photographer) commented on how well behaved the children were and our school captains did a great job in assisting the staff with each of the classes.

Well done to the students who sat the ICAS Writing and Spelling tests this week.
Next Friday, the semester one reports will be handed out. These reports cover term’s one and two. They report on the learning areas under the AUSVels curriculum and indicate the student’s attitude towards learning under the heading of work habits. Staff comment on what the child has achieved over the semester and also offers comments under areas for improvement and future learning. Our three specialists also report on the children’s progress. Absence data is included and parents are invited to give feedback and send it back to the school.

The reports inform discussion that will occur at Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews on Wednesday 23rd July, week 2 of next term. The children are invited to share their learning and social goals for the second half on the year at that meeting. So when you read through the report these holidays with your child, a key question you can ask them is where they think they can improve. So highlight your child’s strengths with them and celebrate the achievements, but also talk about how learning is a lifelong process and the goal setting activity they will do with their teacher at the start of term 3 is a very valuable activity that will support their learning throughout the second half of the year.

At assembly this week, the 82 students who will be representing the school at the Goldfields Athletics on Monday 4th August in Ballarat, were invited to stand. It looks a very impressive team. We congratulated the children in qualifying and wished them all the best. Mr Kiellerup has supplied each of the children with a permission form.

Finally, I have two reminders. Firstly, remember that next Friday is an early dismissal for the term holidays and is a free dress day. We finish at 2.30. Also a reminder that term three starts on Tuesday 15th July, as the Monday is a Pupil Free Day for staff Professional Development. The teachers will be focussing on the teaching of Mathematics.

Peter Burke

Term 2 - week 8

We had a wonderful opportunity to reinforce our last fortnightly focus – empathy - at assembly this week. The Prep B class used a multimedia presentation to highlight what empathy meant to them and their messages were excellent examples. We also had a special guest visit us. An ex-student named Lily Morrow.

Lily came to our school over five years ago, when her family was burnt out in the Marysville’s fires on Black Saturday. Lily’s father contacted me a month ago, to firstly thank the school for providing assistance to his family at a time when they needed it most and secondly to ask if Lily could come to the school and perform. This was Lily’s idea and her way of saying thank you to the school for the support she was given.

As a part of Lily’s recovery, it was suggested to her that she started singing. Her first performance was at Donvale PS, where they were doing a project on natural disasters. She has gone on from there, performing at the Seoul Olympic Cycle Stadium and as official support artist for Lee Kernaghan at Tamworth Country Music Festival. She has also won the ‘Murrindindi Shines’ annual talent competition and is currently working in a leading role of a feature film directed by Anne Richey - ‘The Weathermans Umbrella’.

Lily’s message of thanks to us was heartfelt and it was a thrill for the school to see her again. The children of 1W and Kathy Watt all enjoyed recalling the good times. She remembers the toys that the students of 1W brought in for her, many of which she still has today. I took the opportunity to reinforce to all the children, that when you help someone you never know what impact that help may have on that person and how you should never pass up the opportunity to be helpful towards someone.

The grade 3/4 students are attending Sovereign Hill this Friday and we look forward to hearing all about their excursion.

Advanced notice to parents, that we have our school photos schedule on Wednesday 18th June and it is very important that the children present in full school uniform and on time.

Peter Burke

Term 2 - week 7

The Royal Flying Doctor Service visit was a great success. The Grade 5/6 students had a 45 minute education talk from the RFDS officer, followed by a tour of the assimilator. All other students were invited to pass through the shell of the plane at recess or lunchtime. The officer commented on our student’s behaviour and excellent questions that were asked of him about the service.

Thank you very much to all the parents who volunteered their time to assist Allan Wolf-Tasker at the clearance sale on Saturday or Sunday. The funds of over $2,000 were raised and have been generously donated by the Lake House to go towards our KG program.

The experiences the children were exposed to on Cultural Day deepened their understandings of different cultures and enriched our already extensive curriculum we present though our Specialist program and our integrated units of study. What I witnessed as I walked around the school, entering different Asian countries, was a group of very talented staff, offering a broad range of activities that not only educated the students about different cultures, but also enabled the children, in their Family Groups, to display co-operation, team work, empathy towards others and build a sense of honesty and trust. Thank you to our parent helpers and well done to the staff.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to all the grade 3/4 students about the History of Daylesford Primary School. We covered a lot but I was most impressed by the student’s concentration and ability to ask relevant questions. They will be attending an excursion to Sovereign Hill next Friday which is a part of the integrated unit on History.

A number of students sat the ICAS Science Exam this week. This is an extension activity whereby students opt in and challenge themselves in an examination setting. Well done to the students who undertook this activity. It is good to extend yourself.

I am pleased to announce that the Federation University in Ballarat, are going to support us with the ‘Adopt a Soldier Project. Some university students will be working with our grade 5/6 students and researching the names of the soldiers on our WW1 honour board. It is our goal to develop a booklet that can be presented to the local RSL next ANZAC Day, marking the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day.

Mr Holmes (DSC Principal) visited our school during the week and was very complimentary about our school environment, the children’s behaviour in the yard and on the dedicated work of our staff.

Finally, please note that security cameras have been placed around the school and that 24hr surveillance of our entries and exits, is now in place.
Enjoy the long weekend everyone.

Peter Burke
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