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Term 2 - week 11

  • Highly Successful Term
  • Local Landscape Excursion
  • P-4 Concert
  • Winter Raffle
  • School Reports
  • Staffing arrangements for term 3
  • Happy Holidays

Congratulations to the whole school community on an excellent semester. A strong partnership between, home, school, teachers and students is vitally important to bring about positive outcomes for children. I believe we are achieving this at Daylesford Primary School and Annexes.

There have been so many highlights this term and they just keep coming. Congratulations to all the students who successfully exhibited their Local Landscapes at the National Art Gallery in Melbourne last Saturday. Well done to Nicole for enabling the children this opportunity. Thank you to parents and friends who supported the children.

A further highlight to finish the term was of course our P-4 concert, which was held at the Town Hall on Tuesday night. Katie Yeung and Suzanne Hobson have teamed together extremely well to bring about an amazing night. The variety of performances and the quality of performances was a sight to behold. Congratulations to Katie, Suzanne and ALL the P-4 children. Thank you also to all the parents who assisted behind the scenes. A terrific team effort!

Our Winter Raffle was drawn at assembly. Congratulations to the winners. A total of $1700 was raised which is marvellous. Thank you everyone for supporting the raffle. The money will go towards the Grade 6 dinner, new chairs and new table in the grade 6 rooms. Well done to the grade 6 committee who organised the raffle and a HUGE thank you to Sam Doidge and Liz Wyatt for all their extra work.

The semester reports were issued this week. The staff have worked very hard on your child’s report. You will note a number of changes and we have invited you to give us some feedback surrounding these changes. I know you will take the time to sit down with your child/ren and discuss the report. There are a number of elements to the report, so take your time, celebrating the successes along the way. Also help your child by asking them what areas of learning they believe they can focus on in term three. This should be very specific and will assist the children to develop their learning and social goals which they will present to you at the student/parent/teacher interviews in week two of next term.

As you know I am taking leave throughout term 3. During my absence Mr Garner will be acting Principal and Ms McHugh will be acting Assistant Principal. Amy Kinnear will be teaching Grade 4M.

Further staffing changes involve Ms Blick being covered by Mathew Spaccatore for the first week of term 3. Carol will also be on leave for the first four weeks of the term, she will be covered by Brenda Fry.

Mrs Bourke will commence her Family Leave in week 3 and Francis Comber will be teaching 56S for the remainder of the year.

Kathy Watt will be on leave in weeks 3 & 4, Matthew Spaccatore will be teaching 1W during that time.

Finally Mrs Wrigley is taking some leave from week 5 and again Mathew Spaccatore will be teaching Prep W for the remainder of term 3.

Have a great holiday everyone and look forward to a number of exciting opportunities in term 3.

Peter Burke

Term 2 - week 10

  • School Photos
  • Winter Raffle
  • P-4 Concert
  • Farmers Arms Raffle
  • Lovely letter
  • Yandoit PS

Thank you to all parents/carers for the way you presented the children for the school photos. The class photos went very well and the children were extremely co-operative for the photographer.

A reminder to return your tickets for the Winter Raffle on Monday please as the raffle will be drawn next Tuesday at assembly. There are some wonderful prizes on offer, thanks to the wonderful work of our parent support group. Thanks everyone for getting behind this raffle. Good luck!

The P-4 students are excited and looking forward to the P-4 concert next Tuesday night in the Town Hall. This is an excellent opportunity for the children to show case their work. I would like to acknowledge the extra work that Katie and Suzanne have placed into the organisation of this event and thank the parents who are assisting in advance.

A big thank you all the parents who assisted with the Farmers Arms raffle over the past few Friday nights. Can I also acknowledge Maia Irell for her organisation. The raffle raised much needed funds for the KG program.

I received a lovely letter from the manager of Swim & Survival Academy last week, informing me that three of our students Taj, Jessica & Kira Vandenberg, all completed a 3km swim, during their annual long distance swims event in June. This is an amazing achievement by the children and we congratulated them at assembly.

I would like to welcome Mrs Rauber at Yandoit PS, back from LSL and take this opportunity to thank Francis Comber for his work over the past few weeks and to acknowledge the leadership of Josie who stepped into Deb’s administration role.

Peter Burke

Term 2 - week 9

  • Condolences
  • XC Results
  • School Photos
  • Queen’s Birthday holiday
  • Parent Payments

The school was very saddened by the news of a fatal motorbike accident whereby an ex-student of the school Dwight Beare lost his life. Dwight was 27 years of age. Both his parents were very active members of our school community, Noel Beare is a past President of our School Council and contributed tireless hours to our school swimming pool. Our thoughts are with the family at this time. (please refer to our condolence message)

We are very proud of our students who travelled to Warrnambool to compete in the Greater Western Region Cross Country on Monday. A HUGE thanks to all the parents for their support, without their commitment the children would not have been able to participate. We have four students progressing through to the State Finals in Melbourne, congratulations to Charlotte, Jessica, Sebastian and James. Results are as follows; 10 year old girls, Charlotte 2nd, Jessica 12th & Erin 22nd. 10 year old boys, Zac 14th. 11 year old girls, Perri & Ruby ran well and placed in the 30’s, 11 year old boys, James 3rd & Tyson 13th, 12 year old girls, Mackenzie withdrew due to injury. AWD boys, Sebastian 1st.

A reminder that our school photos are next week on Wednesday 15th. Please ensure that your child in dressed in full school uniform and that you have completed the paper work for the photographer. Change cannot be given at the office.

Also a reminder that next Monday is a public holiday, the Queen’s Birthday holiday.

Finally, this is my final call for parent payments for student requisites and for the KG program. Failure to support the school in this matter will result in limited school supplies for your child and if your child is in grade 3 or 4 they will be withdrawn from the KG program in term 3 & 4.

Peter Burke

Term 2 - week 8

  • Welcome new students
  • Good luck to our Greater Western Region Country runners
  • Winter Raffle
  • Parent Payments
  • PB leave term 3
  • Focus of the Fortnight

I would like to extend a warm Daylesford Primary School welcome, to two new students and their families who have joined our school community this week. Jaycob Bethell has settled into Prep J very well and Chaz Walsh-Menegazzo has made a number of new friends in 1W already.

Good luck to the ten students who are competing at Warrnambool next Monday in the Greater SW Regional Cross Country Event. I know the students have been training hard for this event. 10 Yr. Boy – Zack Koleski, 10 Yr. Girls – Jessica Santuri, Erin Child & Charlotte Streat, 11 Yr. Boys –James Child & Tyson Scoble, 11 Yr. Girls – Ruby Hunt & Perri Eaton and 12 Yr. Girls Mackienzie Downing. We wish all these students all the very best next Monday.

The Winter Raffle parent committee have done a terrific job putting together a marvellous Winter Raffle with some great prizes. Please get behind this raffle which supports the grade 6 dinner and renewal of furniture across the school.

Thank you to all the families who have got behind my call to attend to parent payments. School requisites and KG levy payments have been attended to by many of our families. This is important to the school, so once again I call on the families who are yet to enter into a payment plan with our Business Manager or pay in full to do so before the end of this term, which is now only three weeks away.

I would like to give you all advanced notice that I have scheduled leave for term 3. During my absence Mr Garner will be Acting Principal and Ms McHugh will be Acting Assistant Principal. I am pleased to have secured Amy Kinnear to teach 4M throughout term 3, as she has already developed an excellent relationship with this class.

I had the pleasure of working with Karen Brother’s Family group on Monday. We had some very meaningful discussion around the focus of the fortnight ‘Honest & Trust’ and what that meant to the children. As parents you will be very pleased to hear that they articulated the meaning of Honesty and Trust extremely well. We then put our values to the test in a simple game called ‘Rob the Birds Nest’. Again you will be pleased to know that the children played the game in the spirit in which it should be played. Well done Karen Brother’s Family Group.

Peter Burke

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