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Mar 2014

Term 1 - week 9

Assembly this week witnessed the most recognition certificates ever presented. A very wide range of positive behaviours were recognised. Positive behaviours such as using goal setting, listening carefully, helping others in Family Groups, home reading etc.

Also at assembly, we thanked representatives from the Men’s Shed who built our very special Marimba. Ms Hobson along with three children played our new Marimba at assembly which was very special.
A kind donation of $1,200 was presented to the school by the Daylesford Community Op Shop, which will go towards supporting our KG program. If any other businesses are interested in sponsoring a garden bed, then their businesses will be recognised by a sponsorship sign, designed by Overwrought, and placed in one of our garden beds.

22 students travelled to Melbourne with Nicole Wassell on a Local Landscape Excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria. This involved an introductory lecture to showcase the artists and their artistic practice and to listen to a contemporary Melbourne artist discuss their approach to landscape painting. In the gallery students engage in detailed observation and visual analysis with the selected art work. A BIG thank you to Nicole for her leadership and passion in this area and thank you to all the parents that assisted on the day. This will result in the children creating a Local Landscape using A3 canvas boards, which will be display in the National Gallery of Victoria in June.

Junior School Council met with Mr Garner. They have made a number of decisions around events they will organise across the school. The JSC met in the Daylesford Historical Society Meeting Room as a special event.

Grade 3-6 children are training for the XC event next Friday.

A reminder that school finishes next Friday for term break at 2.30.

Finally, thank you to all the families who have supported the Easter raffle. The Easter raffle will be drawn at assembly next Tuesday.

Term 1 - week 8

Congratulations to Jonas Paar and Finlay Loft on their individual performances at the Regional Swimming Event over the weekend. Jonas qualified for the breast stroke final and came third picking up a bronze medal. Finlay also qualified for a final and swam a personal best time in the 50m freestyle, finishing third. He too was award a bronze medal. Both the boys were presented their medals at assembly this week and were congratulated by the whole school.

We have placed a rock in front of our Cultural Award sculpture, which will have a plaque placed onto it, in memory of Ivor Bowen and his significant contribution to DPS and Annexes.
Harmony Day was recognised in our school this week and a Cultural Diversity Day has been put in place in May. The performance that we have booked for the children was only available in May, more about this in coming weeks.

The golf clinic for grade 5/6 students last Friday, was highly successful l. The 5/6 classes are visiting the Hepburn GC this Friday for further clinics with the golf professional.

Grade 5/6 students have started their writing about ANZAC Day. Our ANZAC assembly will occur in week 2 of next term, Tuesday 29th April.

Daily 5 is continuing to build across the school, with some very good outcomes surrounding reading.

The Daily 5 is more than just a way to teach reading and writing, it is an approach to teaching and learning that fosters independence, trust, making good choices, becoming a learning community, establishing routines, having a sense of purpose and the building of stamina. These are the foundational elements.

I would like to explain the foundational elements of Daily 5, so parents understand what our focus at school is on a daily basis;

  • Trust students -- It is imperative that we believe our students CAN do it and we set high expectations for them. Children will rise to the expectations we set.

  • Provide choice -- Would you prefer being told what to read, where to sit, and what task you have to complete first? Or, would you rather have a choice? Children are no different! Giving children the ability to choose empowers them and helps to create a self-motivated learner.

  • Nurture community -- A positive classroom environment enhances student ownership, confidence, and pride. It creates the "we can do it" attitude!

  • Create a sense of urgency – we always provide students with a purpose for what they are learning. This helps them understand the why, which leads to viewing the task as important and worthy of time and effort.

  • Build stamina -- Regardless of their age, students must gradually build their stamina before being released to full independence.

  • Stay out of the way once routines are established --Trust them, give them space, and let them build their stamina without continual praise from you. By staying out of the way you will help them become independent readers and writers.
Without a foundation, a house would not stand strong. Without the core foundations, Daily 5 behaviours will not sustain.

Finally, thank you to all families who have donated an egg for our Easter Raffle. Please keep them coming.

Term 1 - week 7

Thank you to all parents/carers who attended the Parent/Teacher interviews during the week. Education is a partnership between home and school, therefore communication with the school and the classroom teacher is vital.

The breakfast program last week was a huge success, highlighting the importance of a good healthy breakfast to start the day. The next breakfast program will be in week 2 of next term.
A number of the classes have started regular running to build stamina ready for the House XC sports on Friday 4th April at Victoria Park.

Grade 2TW, presentation at assembly highlighted so many ways in which we can achieve our personal best. It was a terrific way to reinforce our ‘focus of the fortnight’ and I will endeavour to have the video clip placed on our website.

Grade 5/6 students have started thinking around their writing about ANZAC Day. Once again this age group will be asked to create a piece of writing about ANZAC Day. There are a number of choices for example it might be ‘a letter home’ or a ‘diary entry’. These pieces of writing will be passed onto the Local RSL, who will judge them. Presentations will be a part of our ANZAC assembly which will be held in the second week of term 2 just after ANZAC Day, on Tuesday 29th April.

CRE/Buddhism, kitchen garden and choir have all started and are value adding to the already wonderful programs that we offer across the school.
We are calling for help with our first fund raiser, the Easter Raffle. The first step is asking families to donate a small item for our Easter Hamper. The second step is asking for parents to sell a few raffle tickets and then finally a number of prizes will be drawn at our final term 1 assembly.

Book Fair meeting was conducted on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you to a number of parents who attended the first Book Fair meeting. Merrilyn Sim outlined how parents can get behind the Book Fair, our major fund raiser for the year. All proceeds from the Book Fair go towards Literacy across the school, so all children benefits. Already this year, staff Professional Development and resources for ‘Daily 5’ have been supported by the funds that have been raised through the Book Fair.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 6

Well done also to Fin and Anna our boy and girl champions. It was wonderful to see so many children participating in events. It was also great to see acts of sportsmanship by shaking hands after the events. I was pleased to see so many parents, grandparents and friends in attendance. A very pleasing day all round. Well done to all the 3-6 staff and a BIG thank you to Mr Kiellerup for his excellent organisation before and on the day as Sports Co-ordinator. A number of excellent photos are now on our website, thanks to the expertise of Sophie Loft (thanks Sophie).

Thanks to some wonderful voluntary help our P-3 breakfast program on Monday was highly successful and we are pleased to be able to offer it to the 4-6 students on Friday. The reason for offering this program is to send a very strong message that breakfast is an important meal for young learners. Good healthy choices are also important. We talk to the children about brain food and how that makes a difference with concentration and the ability to learn.

Thank you to all parents and carers who have booked an interview time with the classroom teachers and specialist next Tuesday or Wednesday. We look forward to meeting with you.

There is a Book Fair meeting next Tuesday 11th at 5.30 pm in the Open Learning Centre. ALL welcome. Come and see how you can be involved in this our largest fund raiser for the year. All proceeds go towards making a difference in Literacy across the school.

A letter of invitation was circulated early in the week to all Prep parents/carers to attend a morning tea next Tuesday 9.30 after assembly. Hope you can make it.

We are pleased to announce that Choir will be able to be offered again this year. Senior Choir will run on Tuesday afternoons and Junior Choir will run on Wednesday afternoon. As this is not a funded program, we are very fortunate to be able to offer this opportunity to many of our students.

A number of the Grade 2-6 students enter the International Schools Competition each year and sit an exam in a number of different areas. Please refer to the details outlined in the newsletter for your consideration.

Finally, Mrs Linda Flynn the Principal of DSC addressed the grade 6 students on Tuesday after assembly, inviting them all to attend the Year 7 information evening next Wednesday 12th March.

Peter Burke...
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