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Term 1 - week 9

  • Excellent Term
  • School Council AGM
  • Easter Raffle
  • Choir Survey
  • Police Presence
  • Parent Levy Letter
  • Volunteers needed to Regional Produce Day
  • Staffing arrangements for term 2
  • Happy Easter

I have reflected on the term, recognising that it has been a very short, but dynamic term. I am very pleased with the learning relations that have been developed across the school, between staff, students and parents. The learning culture is present every day and our very dedicated staff are making a difference on a daily basis. Some of the highlights include; our focus of the fortnight, the swimming program, House Swimming Sports, home reading achievements, breakfast program, Family Groups, Parent/Teacher interviews and Cultural Day with House XC to look forward to on Friday.

Outcomes from the School Council AGM are as follows. The annual report was tabled and will be made available on our website. The new School Council President is Jim Pattinson, Vice-President is Claire Clifton, Secretary is Karen McHugh and Treasurer is myself. The other members of school council are Jendy Fry, David Garner, Kathy Douglas, Lauren Bennett, Peter D’Onghia, Ross Redwin, Shelly Bowen and Toby Sime. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lauren Bennet for her work as School Council President. Lauren has always brought a robust decision to the table and has been a wonderful advocate of our school. Thank you Lauren. Lauren will remain on school council which we are very pleased about. I would also like to thank Sally Armstrong for her four years of service to the school council, including her work on the canteen sub- committee. Thanks also to Louise English and Liss Stevens. Louise has contributed in many ways, including our school self-evaluation plan, fund raising and facilities. Liss has been able to bring detailed curriculum discussion to the council, particularly in the area of Numeracy.

We received excellent support surrounding our Easter Raffle. Raising over $1700. Well done everyone. Yard equipment for the children has already been ordered. Plus we will be able to allocate some funds to buses to subsidise travel for our families, for example the House Cross Country event at Jubilee Lake.
Additional items such as netball rings, soccer goals and a rebound wall are also being looked at.

The result of the choir survey indicates strong enough support to allow us to put junior and senior choir in place for the remainder of the year. If you want your child involved in choir it will incur a $2.00 per week levy. More information next term.

Police have been having a presence outside our school and are booking drivers who are crossing over the double white lines.

Accompanying this week’s newsletter is a letter to all parents outlining our student requisite levy. Again I would like to reinforce the positive response we are seeing from parents who are actioning on their school invoice. We are putting out a call for volunteers to help sell our KG recipe book at the Regional Produce Day at the Lake House on Sunday 26th April, if you can help please contact the school.

Staff arrangements for term 2 are as follows; Sarah Connor is taking personal leave for her wedding (all the very best Sarah), Amy Kinnear will cover this leave, Karen Brothers is taking LSL in week 1 of term 2, Kerry Carman will assist with 4/5B, Trudi Blick is travelling to our sister school in Italy, is presenting a paper at the World Food Expo and will be studying language, her study leave and LSL will be covered by Claire O’Connor in weeks 2-4 of next term.

Finally, all the best for the Easter Holiday. I look forward to an exciting term 2.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 8

  • Cultural Day
  • Regional Swimming Results
  • Easter Raffle
  • Choir Survey
  • Student Requisite letter
  • Wish List

The Cultural Day this week was great success. The journey around the world, involved the children visiting two countries and folk dancing in the gym. Throughout the school we offered 12 different countries; Indigenous Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, Romania, Germany, Native America, Egypt, New Zealand, Cambodia and Indonesia. The activities were highly engaging and the Family groups supported each other in such a positive way. Thank you to all the parents who assisted on the day.

Congratulations to Tayah, Viydee and Jonas on their efforts at the Regional Swimming Sports. All three swimming personal best times in each of their events. Tayah in 50 meters butterfly swam 56.73 (came into race on 59.93), placed 11th overall. Viydee in 50 metres backstroke swam 47.80 (from 51.55) placed 11th overall. Jonas in 50 metres breaststroke swam 43.80 (from 44.75) placed 2nd overall (just missed out by a fraction of a second on getting first and going to state!). Jonas in 50 metres freestyle swam 34.30 (from 35.81) placed 3rd overall.

Thank you to all the families who have supported our Easter Raffle. All money raised goes to purchasing yard equipment for the children.

A reminder to parents of grade 3-6 to respond to the choir survey, that I circulated last week. Again I would like to reinforce the positive response we are seeing from parents who are actioning on their school invoice.

A BIG thank you to Sharon Michels (Jackson Hunt’s mother), who has donated a boat to the school for our early years playground.

DPS wish list (keep an eye on this list for updates)
  • Kitchen Garden Sponsorship
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Friends of Performing Arts (to assist with a mid-year and end of year performance)
  • Working Bees (every Wednesday lunchtime) • Debating club (lunchtime)
    Chess Club (lunchtime)

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 7

  • School Funding
  • School Choir survey
  • Storm Damage
  • Parent/Teacher interviews
  • Regional Swimmers
  • 5/6 ANZAC Writing
  • Garden Club
  • KG Program

Thank you very much to the parents who have responded with parent payments, this positive response is so vital this year to assist the school with the financial challenges that exists.

School funding continues to be a major challenge for State Education. If you missed my report last week outlining our current situation, please take the time to read it and then please action on your school invoice.

A letter to parents of children in grade 3-6 is attached to this newsletter, surveying parents about their willingness to pay a choir levy. Please complete and return to the school by Friday 20th. Alternatively, you can complete a brief online form by clicking here or following the link above.

The school had some storm damage, but I am pleased to announce the school was very lucky and we have once again made the school yard safe, by removing two trees and some broken branches in a number of trees.

Thank you very much for attending the Parent/Teacher interviews. It is vital that strong relationships between home and school are developed and maintained. I therefore encourage you not to hesitate to call the school and make a further appointment with your child’s teacher, Mr Garner or myself, as the need arises.

Three children have advanced through to the regional swimming sports, conducted at Eureka Pool this Friday. We wished them all the best at assembly this week and look forward to hearing about their performances next week.

Grade 1W did a wonderful performance at assembly this week, using rythym sticks. It was a great example of ‘Personal Best’. Many students across the school have been sharing their goal setting with me. Goal setting is a great way to achieve your personal best and it is very pleasing that so many students are using them.

Last year’s school captain Kaiah McCahon, attended our assembly this week. She spoke to the children about her experiences at Secondary School so far. Messages of developing meaningful relationships, being organised and a positive approach in your outlook, were three very strong messages. She also reinforced that DPS is a great school and prepares you very well for secondary school.

We launched the ‘ANZAC writing competition’ with the 4/5/6 students this week. A small presentation on some of the research that our grade 6 students completed last year on the soldiers from our honour broad, illustrating some of the very interesting stories that have been uncovered. The students were encouraged to complete some research around the meaning of ANZAC, to inform their writing that will be judged by the RSL.

Our ‘garden club’ that started last Wednesday was a great success. It is giving students an opportunity to take some responsibility for our school ground.

Finally, the KG program has started in a very positive way. Thank you to all our volunteers that are supporting the program. The lunchtime BBQ was a great initiative which allowed all children across the school to sample, roasted vegetables. Thank you Sandra and Samantha Doidge (parent volunteer).

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 6

  • Funding for the school
  • Parent Payments
  • ‘Friends of DPS’
  • Wish List
  • Grounds/Garden club
  • School Council Elections
  • Call out for members of sub committees
  • House Swimming Sports
  • Specialist Captains

Our funding for 2015 has been allocated to the school based on our enrolment at Census last Friday. We have a significant shortfall and will be in deficit for 2015. There are a number of contributing factors, but the main one is because we are running one more class than we are entitled. The reason I have an extra class in place this year was to avoid class numbers of 30 children. This has been a good decision as it has already had a positive impact on our teaching and learning. Our class sizes are very good and I am sure you would agree with me that we have had a very good start to 2015.

This brings me to ‘Parent Payments’. Thank you to families who have actioned on the first invoice and paid or established a payment plan. This is very helpful. We need all parents/carers to respond in this way in order to allow the school to provide the services we do.
Unfortunately, due to the funding restraints that are placed on the school, we have had to assess what we are able to provide. We have committed to 13 classes with good reason, but we no longer can afford extra-curriculum activities such as choir and debating. We value what choir and debating brings to the school and how it develops our students but sadly under the current funding formulae we no longer can afford to run these activities. Further discussion with School council and via a parent letter/survey will continue around this topic.

To assist the school to maintain its high standard and outstanding learning culture, we are establishing a ‘Friends of Daylesford Primary School’ (FODPS). The first step is to encourage all members of our school community and beyond to join our distribution list for our school newsletter. A ‘Wish List’ will be placed in our newsletter, encouraging members of our community to support our school. Can you help? Please leave your email address with the front office and please encourage grandparents, community members join our FODPS by supplying the school with an email address.

Can I refer you to our wish list on page 3.

One small example of how you may be able to help, is to join our working bees which are conducted by Sandra Evans (KG Specialist) on Wednesday lunchtime (1.45 -2.15). Come and join the students and help make our school look smart.

School Council Elections are now open. There are three vacancies on School Council and I call for nominations. Please call me to discuss the commitment required of our councillors. Or you may be able to assist one of the smaller sub-committees (see our wish list). For example, can you help with fund raising by becoming a member of the Fundraising Committee? We have a number of parents who are willing to assist with fund raising, but we need a steering committee who will guide our fund raising efforts.

Congratulations to all the students and staff involved in the House Swimming Sports last Friday. I would like to particularly acknowledge Mr Kiellerup and Sherilee for their work as organisers. For a full report see page 3 of this week’s newsletter.

Finally, at assembly this week we presented badges to the Specialist Captains. Congratulations to Tasha Robinson & Keaton Dickson (Visual Arts), Yemaya Greenwood & William LeLong (Performing Arts) & Alex Dales & Ciaran Haraghy (LOTE/Italian)

(Keep an eye on this list for updates)
  • Kitchen Garden Sponsorship
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Friends of Performing Arts (to assist with a mid-year and end of year performance)
  • Working Bees (every Wednesday lunchtime)
  • An old boat for the early years playground
  • Debating club (lunchtime)
  • Chess Club (lunchtime)

Peter Burke
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