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March 2016

Term 1 - week 8

  • Regional Swimming3/4 Expo
  • Breakfast Program
  • School Council AGM
  • Term 1 Raffle
  • 3-6 XC Jubilee Lake
  • Happy Holidays

We are very proud of the five students who represented the school last Friday at the Greater Western Region Swimming Championships at the Ballarat Aquatic Centre. There were a number of excellent personal best (PB) times. Thank you very much to the parents who supported the children throughout the day. The results are as follows; - Taj Vandenberg 4th/15 in 50 backstroke, time 51.37, a 3.5 second PB as previous time was 54.67 - Jessica Vandenberg, 14th in 50 back, a PB of 52.32, previously 53.29 - Charlotte Street 4th/16 in 50 breaststroke in 55.17, previously 55.12 - Sebastian Street in 50 freestyle a 13 second PB of 46.08 from a previous 59.79; and in 50 backstroke a 10 second PB of 1.05, previously 1.15 - Keylah Walker 5th/16 in 50 freestyle, a PB of 35.68, previously 36.55 - Lila Paar, 1st in 50m butterfly with a 6 second PB of 48.46, previously 54.18; and just 2nd in 50 freestyle with a 2 second PB of 37.78, previously 39.71 Lila goes to the State Championships, April 19 at Melbourne Aquatic Centre! Congratulations Lila and good luck in Melbourne! Thank you to all our parents/carers, grandparents and friends that attended our Grade 3/4 Expo last week. I was particularly impressed by the standard and variety of presentations by the children. The range of ‘Passion Projects’ was enormous and it was an excellent insight into the hobbies, strengths and passions of our Grade 3 & 4 students.

Last Friday and this Monday we conducted our breakfast programs in the gym before school. It is a timely reminder to reinforce to the students the importance of eating breakfast before school. Children who have a good sound breakfast before school are more likely to concentrate on their learning for longer and have less mood fluctuations.

Our School Council AGM meeting was conducted on Tuesday night. Our annual report was tabled with very pleasing trends in student data. The Annual report will be available to all parents on our website early in term 2. Acknowledgement to all our councillors was given for their voluntary work and hours of commitment. Peter D’Onghia finished his term on council and we thanked him very much for his contribution over 4 years, with particular reference to the work he has put into the Book Fair. The School Council Elections have resulted in Jim Pattinson being re-elected as School Council President, Claire Clifton as Vice-President, Peter Burke as Treasurer, Karen McHugh as Secretary and David Garner as Executive officer. Our other members of council are Lauren Bennett, Shelley Bowen, Kathy Douglas, Toby Sime, Jendy Fry, Karyn McColl and we welcome our newest parent member Jo Steiner. There is one parent vacancy still open on SC, if any parent is interested they should contact me through the front office on 53482480.

Our Term 1 raffle, raised over $750, which is a very good effort. Thank you everyone who supported the raffle. The money raised will go towards more yard equipment and classroom furniture for the children.

House Cross Country Event will be conducted at Jubilee Lake on Thursday. We are looking forward to the event and will have a full report after the break.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. It has been a short term but we have packed in everything we normally fit into a longer term and more. I congratulate the staff on their work ethic and thank the parents for their positive partnerships with the school.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 7

  • Cultural Day
  • Term 1 Raffle
  • Healthy Food, Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Forum
  • 3/4 Expo
  • School Council Elections
  • Regional Swimming

Our Cultural Day this week was an exciting day. The theme celebrated music under the phrase ‘Together we stand in harmony’, embracing the many cultures that contribute to the sounds of cultural harmony. The children were encouraged to dress in Cultural Dress of a country of their choice. The parade at assembly was marvellous. Thank you everyone for entering into the spirit of the day.

During the day the children rotated through a number of activities in their Family Groups. Andy Rigby brought the fascinating world of music alive for students in a very engaging one hour work shop. Overall the day was a great success. Thank you to all the parents who assisted on the day. Well done to our Specialist staff who organised the day.

A final reminder that the Term 1 raffle will be drawn next Tuesday at assembly. Thank you for your support. Extra yard equipment and sandpit toys have already been purchased.

Thank you to the parents who attended our Healthy Food, Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies forums and shared ideas on how DPS could create a healthy food culture across our school communities.

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and friends who were able to attend the grade 3/4 Expo in the OLC, the students proudly showcased their term 1 passion projects. Well done to the parents who engaged the children in conversation about their project and then praised them for their work.

A final call for self-nominations for parent positions on our School Council to be held Tuesday 22nd March. Please contact the office.
Finally, good luck to, Charlotte, Jessica, Taj, Keylah, Lila & Sebastian, the six children attending the Greater Western Regional Swimming Championships this Friday at the Ballarat Aquatic Centre.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 6

  • Parent/ Teacher Interviews
  • Parent Payments
  • School Council Elections
  • Landscape Excursion
  • Labour Day Holiday
  • Cultural Day
  • Term 1 Raffle
  • Term 1 finishing date

Thank you very much to those who attended the Parent/Teacher interviews during the week. Strong partnerships between staff and parents are vital for good outcomes with students. Well done and thank you to staff for working late over two very hot nights. For parents who were unable to attend, please call to make an alternative time to touch base with your child’s teacher as this is very important.

Thank you to parents who have attended to the school invoices that you received last week. We still have $57,000 in outstanding payments for student requisites and kitchen garden. The school cannot carry this amount of money and we need your support. I therefore ask that you attend to these outstanding payments before the end of term 1. A reminder that parent positions on school council are now open. Self-nomination forms are available at the front office.

Nicole Wassell and a band of willing parents (thank you to those parents), conducted a very successful excursion to National Gallery of Victoria in Federation Square in Melbourne on Wednesday. This involves an introductory lecture to showcase the artists and their artistic practices and to listen to contemporary Melbourne artists discuss their approach to landscape painting. Back at School the students will create their Local Landscape using A3 canvas boards. Then in June, the students will display their Local Landscapes in the NGVA studio. What an exciting project!

A reminder that next Monday is a public holiday.

A reminder that our Cultural Day is next Tuesday. This year’s theme celebrates music under the phrase ‘Together we stand in harmony’, embracing the many cultures that contribute to the sounds of cultural harmony. The children are encouraged to dress in Cultural Dress of a country of their choice. The activities on the day will be highly engaging and a gold coin has been called for to cover the costs of the performance on the day by Andy Rigby.

Andy Rigby brings the fascinating world of music alive for young audiences with his interactive show. Drawing on years of experience around Australia and overseas, Andy uses a wide variety of instruments to introduce youngsters to many different musical cultures. He has made many of the instruments himself, including harps, marimbas, flutes and whistles, and also uses other African, South American and Celtic instruments. Children are encouraged to try out some of the instruments, and are involved in group playing, storytelling and question and answer sessions relevant to the music. Andy aims to entertain as well as to stimulate interest in music, rhythm, different cultures, and how instruments work.

Andy works as much with young people as with adults and believes it is very important to encourage an interest in live music and culture as early as possible in a child’s life.

Thank you to families that have already supported the term 1 raffle. Some great prizes are on offer and all monies raised will go towards yard equipment and new furniture. The raffle will be drawn on Tuesday 22nd March at our last assembly for the term.

Finally, a reminder that term one finishes on Thursday 24th March at 2.30. Buses will run at this adjusted time.

Peter Burke

Term 1 - week 5

  • House Swimming Sports
  • School Council vacancies
  • Parent letter outlining the New policy for Extreme
    Fire Danger Rating Days
  • Supplement – ‘Code of Conduct for Members of the Daylesford, Yandoit and Drummond School Communities’
  • Fund Raising Activities – can you help?Parent Payment Statements

Congratulations to all the grade 3-6 students on a highly successful day at the House Swimming Sports last Friday. I was particularly impressed by the efforts, determination and team spirit that was shown on the day. The student leaders and House Captains did a great job as did the staff throughout the entire day. Well done to Mr K for his co-ordination of the event and to Sherilee who supported Andrew. The organisation was excellent, resulting in a terrific day. Thank you to parents/carers who assisted on the day, your support is appreciated. Congratulations to Keylah and Kial our two open champions and well done to Tipperary who won the day. Thank you to Sophie Loft for the fantastic photos, you can see more on the school website.

Next month is the AGM for School Council. There are a number of parent member vacancies on council and I am therefore calling for nominations. If you would like to know more about the role of SC and the commitment, please call me on 53482480. Nomination forms can be collected from the front office. Nominations close on Friday 11th March. Enclosed within this week’s newsletter is a letter to all parents/carers, explaining in detail the NEW policy for Extreme Fire Danger Rating Days. Please read this carefully and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to approach me.

I have also included in this week’s newsletter a copy of our ‘Code of Conduct for Members of the Daylesford, Yandoit and Drummond School Communities’. This document outlines the responsibilities and expectations of all members of our school communities with respect to the way we communicate and interact. Please read through the document as it outlines very clearly the importance of appropriate communication and value of good relationships across our school communities.

Fundraising activities are important to our school as they enable us to provide opportunities above and beyond what the department fund us for. Can you help? There are a number of ways! Firstly, please support the term 1 raffle. Secondly, can you offer one hour of your time at either of the following events which are raising money for the KG program by selling our KG Cookbook. Paul Bangay Stonefields Open Garden Sat 16th April & Sunday 17th April, or Regional Produce Day on Sunday 17th April at the Lake House. If you can help please call the office and leave your name, date, time and which event.

Finally, by now you would have received your Parent Payment Statements in the mail. As you know the school provides an excellent service by purchasing all the student requisites for the year for every student. This replaces book lists and takes away from parents the burden of having to fulfil a booklist at the start of the year. We need all parents to settle this account asap, or to enter into a payment plan with our business manager Deborah Cowen. Remember also that all extra-curriculum activities such as swimming, choir, kitchen garden, cultural days, incursions and excursions are fee paying activities. Failure to settle these accounts, will lead to your child not being offered the extra–curriculum activity.

Peter Burke
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