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Nov 2014

Term 4 - week 8

  • Cultural Clothes Day
  • Interviews for School Captain
  • Grade 6 interviews
  • School Council
  • Prep Transition
  • Grade 2-3 transition parent information session
  • Daylesford Agricultural Society
  • Staffing for 2015 KG program
  • P-2 swimming program
The Cultural Clothes Day on Monday was a great success. Will Austin-King returned to the school and visited our Family Groups. He was very impressed with the cultural activities and passed on his sincere thanks for supporting the Espera Project. The school raised over $250.

A large number of grade 5 students nominated for School Captain and delivered high quality speeches to the grade 3-6 students. I was very pleased with the number of nominations and the fact the children wish to aspire to leadership roles within the school.

Mr Gooding from the DSC interviewed our grade 6 students earlier in the week as a part of the grade 6 transition process. He gave me some excellent feedback about our students and the way they presented during that interview.

A few weeks ago I announced a partnership between between the school and Federation University relating to research around former soldiers who are listed on our honour board in the front foyer. Win News recently did a story on this - you can watch it here...

The final School Council meeting for the year was conducted on Tuesday night. I would like to acknowledge the work of our council and thank all the members for their dedication to our wonderful school.

Our final Prep transition morning was a great success with the Pre-School students meeting their grade 5 buddies, who will introduce them to their Family Group early next year.

Thank you to all the Grade 2 parents who attended the Grade 2-3 transition evening. Sharing of information about grade 3 and what to expect next year went extremely well. Thank you to all of our staff who supported the evening and presented in such a professional way.

At the Daylesford Agricultural Society Annual Show our kitchen garden produce featured very strongly, with 5 firsts and 8 seconds, resulting in winning the overall Garden Produce Aggregate. Congratulations to all the children involved in the KG program and thank you to Andrew and Sandra for their dedication.

Sadly, Andrew Stone has given notice and will not continue with us as our Kitchen Specialist next year. At the KG volunteer’s afternoon tea this week, I acknowledged Andrew’s contribution to our KG program over four years. He has been instrumental in setting up our kitchen and has delivered a high quality program. He along with Alla Wolf-Tasker has produced an outstanding KG recipe book and he has created a number of excellent networks across the community who support our program. So on behalf of the school community I would like to thank Andrew and wish him all the best in the future.

The P-2 swimming program has started. The Bendigo Community Bank is yet again our main sponsor. We are very grateful to the bank for releasing one of their staff members, who is Auswim qualified, to be one of our swimming instructors.

We would like to thank the parents/carers who have returned the student/parent updates sent home with the Newsletter 2 weeks ago. Could we please ask that the remainder be returned to the office as soon as possible in order to keep all records up to date.

Finally, well done to 5/6M and 5/6P who performed beautifully at our assembly this week.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 7

  • 5/6 Science Expo
  • Swiss Italian Festa
  • SMS Global communication
  • 3/4 Performance
  • Senior Choir Presentation
  • Guest Speaker – Will Austin-King
  • Pupil Free day/2015 Prep Transition
  • Premiers Reading Challenge Certificates
  • Grade 2-3 transition
Last week finished on a high note with a wonderful Science Expo put on by the grade 5/6 students. Thank you to parents who were able to attend. The Swiss Italian Celebrations went very well over the weekend. Photos of the parade are now on our website. Parents would have received a text message from me on Monday. We now have the ability to text our parents through SMS Global. The system picks up one number per family from our enrolment lists and this is the contact number that will receive text messages from the school. If one member of the family did not receive a text message on Monday, then please contact the front office. Also please make sure you keep your contact details up to date with the school.
Grade 3/4C & P students played recorder pieces in assembly this week. It is amazing what they are able to achieve in their time together within the performing arts program.

The Senior Choir were recognised for their outstanding achievement, in winning at South Street this year, by a presentation of a medallion and DVD at assembly.

Will Austin- King, an ex-student of the school, spoke at assembly this week about his experiences in East Timor and why he is promoting Espera (To Hope) Project. Can I refer you page 3 for more information about this project. I was very impressed by Will’s speech and very proud of the young man he has grown into. Will is coming back next Monday to be involved in our Families program and he is also the guest speaker at our Grade 6 dinner.

Our Pupil Free Day was extremely valuable for staff, who placed great energy into planning for 2015 and report writing.

Our second transition morning for the 2015 Preps went very well, with a number of the Pre-School students wishing to start school full time already.

Over 150 Premier Reading Challenge Certificates went home earlier in the week. Congratulations to all those students. Keep up your reading!!

Finally, just a reminder to our Grade 2 parents, that our Grade 2-3 transition evening is next Wednesday evening in the Open Learning Centre.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 6

  • Remembrance Day
  • Discover and ANZAC project
  • Swiss & Italian Festa
  • Boundary Fence
  • Breakfast Program
  • 2015 Prep Transition Days
  • Hands on Maths
  • Pupil Free Day

This year the Remembrance Day ceremony was held under our flag pole. Some children sang and we observed a minute’s silence. Our school captains and I also attended the RSL ceremony at the cenotaph where our captains laid a wreath.

The RSL President also came down to our school and met with the five University students who are working with our grade 5/6 students on the ‘Discover and ANZAC’ project. This is a very exciting project whereby extensive research is being conducted on the 218 soldiers on our honour board.

The lead up to the Swiss & Italian Festa has yet again been handled extremely well by the school. Masks, lanterns, art, drawing competitions and a visit by DSC year 8 & 9 students who performed a play in Italian to our Grade 3/4 students, have most certainly promoted involvement in the Festa. I hope to see you all at the Parade on Saturday.

The first stage of re-fencing our boundary fence has been completed. As such I have informed the children that it is safe to play under the trees along the oval boundary.
Our final breakfast program for the year has been well attended and it is a timely message of the importance of breakfast for school children.

The 2015 Prep Transition mornings have started. We welcomed our 2015 Preps into the school on Wednesday. Thank you to our current Preps who relocated for the morning. Our grade 5 students will meet their buddies in two weeks.

It has been very pleasing to see the engagement in learning across the school. Two very good recent examples have been hands on Maths in Ms Thompson/Wells and Ms Jendy’s class.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 5

  • Kitchen Garden Program Review 2015
  • ‘Discover an ANZAC’ project
  • Remembrance Day
  • Swiss & Italian Festa
  • Breakfast Program
  • Volunteers Morning Tea

The KG program will be reduced to grade 3/4 for 2015. This decision was made after a thorough review of the program by the Teaching & Learning Committee. The decision is based on two elements. Firstly, a crowded curriculum at grades 5/6 is placing enormous pressure on our staff to deliver the AusVELS curriculum. Secondly, the financial burden of supporting the program across all grades in 3-6 has been immense. We are very proud of the fact that we have been able to generate enough funds to run the program over a number of years, but unfortunately we can no longer sustain the financial commitment. Therefore a decision has been made to offer the program at grades 3 and 4 in 2015, where we believe it is a good fit and will continue to benefit many children.
I am very pleased to announce that we have set up a partnership with the Federation University, which will allow us to research the 200+ plus soldiers that are listed on our honour board in the front foyer. Five Pre-Service Teachers are working with our grade 5/6 students over the next three weeks. Our senior students have been allocated two soldiers and will complete research on these soldiers. The students are supported by the University students through this process. All the research will be compiled in a booklet and the information will be handed onto the local RSL at next year’s ANZAC ceremony. This will be a significant achievement and we will take time to acknowledge all the soldiers in the centenary year of ANZAC.

Also in a lead up to Remembrance Day next week, two RSL Roses have been planted in the front garden bed. This year the whole school will turn out under the flag pole for a minutes silence at 11.00am. Parents are invited to join us.

Some excellent preparation for the Swiss & Italian Festa has been completed in the lead up to the Festa. Thank you to all the parents who have assisted so far. I hope to see you all at the Parade on Saturday 15th. Can I refer you to Trudi’s article on page 1.
Next week we are conducting our last breakfast program for the year. Grades P-2 are invited to the breakfast program on Monday 10th and Grades 3-6 are invited on Friday 14th.

Finally, can I flag an early invitation to our ‘Volunteers Morning Tea’ on Wednesday 10th December at 11.00 in the gym. Once again we are holding a morning tea for all our volunteers who have assisted across the school throughout the year. If you are one of those volunteers would you please put this date in your diary and consider yourself invited.

Peter Burke
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