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Term 4 - week 8

Election Cake Stall
I would like to thank all the volunteers who either baked cakes, made coffee and tea, or manned the election cake stall. It was a resounding success with $747.90 raised to support student wellbeing. Well done to the team of Andrea Gardiner and Jessica Newton who coordinated the event. The school also receives money from the Electoral Commission so overall it has been a great fundraising opportunity. As we also had booths at both Yandoit and Drummond the benefits from the Electoral Commission hire of the facility will support each site with their student wellbeing initiatives. Congratulations to all.

Leadership Speech Day
On Tuesday we hosted the leadership speeches with some 32 students presenting outstanding speeches outlining their skills, opportunities and values. I believe every current year 5 student should be extremely proud of their ability as we foster leadership potential at Daylesford Primary School. We have so much talent with our student cohort. We will be counting the student votes and working through the next stage of the student leadership program, namely interviewing short listed candidates.

Junior Swimming Program
We have had enormous difficulty in sourcing a qualified Auswim Teacher. I have been attempting to do so since late term three. We have been unsuccessful, as all qualified and interested teachers are required by their various swim schools. I have tried Federation University pool, Ballarat Aquatics Centre, Swim and Survival, Kyneton Swimming, Gisborne Swimming and Aquatics and we have been proactively trying to attract an Auswim teacher via social media. Unfortunately all attempts haven’t eventuated to any degree of success. For this reason, we will be cancelling the program for 2018 and we will be looking at running a junior swimming program into the new school year, subject to the availability of Auswim Trained Staff. I am very sorry for the inconvenience but I’m sure you will agree that Trained Auswim Staff are imperative to the success of the program!

** Families who have paid for 2018 swimming - We can hold this amount and allocate it to your child’s swimming program in 2019.

Woorabinda Camp
As from Monday, we have twelve of our Year 4 and 5 students who are attending the Woorabinda camp over the following 5 days. We trust that these students have a wonderful time, experience new and exciting opportunities and meet new friends. We look forward to hearing about their exciting adventures upon their return next Friday.

2019 Year 2 and 3 Transition and Sleepover this Friday
We very much look forward to the opportunity to outline the exciting programs via the 2/3 parent information session tonight from 6.45pm. The year 2/3 children have also been invited to a sleepover at the school, which will be a very exciting opportunity for all attendees. All parents will then pick up their children between 8.30am and 9.00am on Saturday morning. We very much look forward to this opportunity which has been made available for all our 2/3 students.

Library Books
Please check for any missing library books, as we would like all books returned by Monday 3rd December

Daylesford Secondary College Band Performance Wednesday 5th December
We are very fortunate to have the Daylesford Secondary College Band performing in our school gym on Wednesday the 5th of December at 10.00am.

We very much look forward to listening to this excellent band performing a range of well-known songs.

Have a great weekend

Trevor Edwards,

Term 4 - week 7

State Election Polling Booths
Please note that Daylesford Primary School, Drummond Primary School and Yandoit Primary School are State election booths. The booths are open at 8.00am – 6.00pm this Saturday. We will be hosting a cake stall at the Daylesford Primary School booth so you may be interested in purchasing some treats after you vote. Thank you to all who were involved in organising this cake stall and for those families who baked some goodies for this significant fundraiser.

Paul Bangay Kitchen Garden Fundraiser
A huge thank you to the team of parents and teachers who participated and manned our DPS marquee on Saturday and Sunday. A big thank you to Gill Carron for all of her organisation. This was a significant event on the Open Garden calendar and to be invited to participate was a huge achievement. A massive thank you to Alla Wolf Tasker for her support in donating and signing approximately 120 cookbooks for the benefit of this fundraising opportunity. With the sale of seedlings and books, $1796 was raised for our Kitchen Garden Program. Thank you to all!

Transition of 2019 Foundation children (2nd Session)
On Wednesday of this week we hosted our second Transition session for our new 2019 Foundation students. It’s very exciting to witness their enthusiasm as we proceed with ensuring that they are supported and confident when they commence in 2019.

2018 Junior Swimming Program
As no doubt, you are aware we have had concerns about staffing of the swimming program this year. Although we have many potential Auswim teachers who have stated they would be involved, their own swim school requires them to undertake their own lessons. We are however, training Sherilee and she will be qualified. We, as staff, will be active in supporting this wonderful opportunity for the children. The pool is currently being prepared. Again, if anyone knows of another Auswim teacher I would love to hear from you. Our program will commence on December 3rd and we look forward to all the years F-2 being involved, as well as the Yandoit Primary School students.

Daylesford Indoor Aquatic Centre (DIAC) callout for Membership
There is a great deal of passion to support an indoor aquatic centre in Daylesford. If you are interested in becoming a member of this wonderful committed group, please contact myself at the school. I will leave membership forms at the office. The more members the greater the advocacy!

Enjoy your weekend

Trevor Edwards,

Term 4 - week 6

Remembrance Day
Last Saturday we had a number of representatives from the school community who attended the Saturday Remembrance Day commemoration, representing our school student body. Thank you to Scout, Maddisyn & Lachlan who laid a wreath on behalf of our school.

Well done to all of our students who were so respectful and thoughtful during the school commemoration last Friday. It was very touching to witness the attention paid by all students throughout this important time.

Armistice Garden
On Sunday the 11th of November, we officially opened our Armistice Garden. We had representatives from the RSL, the community and students from the school. Although low key the garden now takes pride of place as a respectful and important peaceful space to commemorate our past students who fought in all wars. Again thank you to Toby for his dedication to completing the garden to the point where it could be opened on this very special day, the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice treaty that ended World War one.

Leadership Day
Last Friday we hosted what was an outstanding opportunity to engage our future leaders in Year 5. The focus was on development of student skills and an awareness of the responsibility of leaders to be good team players, respectful of others and to plan to undertake positive change. Well done to our 26 Year 6 leaders who hosted the event, as they were facilitating and engaging the Year 5 students to support their leadership understanding. Again I would like to thank and congratulate Daylesford Rotary who were outstanding in teaching and supporting our current school leaders throughout the last 8 months. We hope the success of this program will provide the opportunity to foster this significant student development program into 2019.

Community Dance Evening
For many this dance and opportunity to celebrate the Performing Arts and foster community joy was a major feature of our school year. It was outstanding and it was so wonderful to see parents, grandparents, ex-students, friends and community members attending and enjoying the spirit of fun and joy that existed on the night. I would like to congratulate Katie Yeung and Suzanne who were outstanding in both the passion and coordination to, first of all, come up with the idea and then see it develop into an outstanding community event. The hours of preparation involved was very evident, as the night progressed without a hitch, although the weather was on everyone's mind. Likewise I would like to thank the talented musicians and parents who formed the band. Again outstanding! I would also like to thank the teachers for their support but especially I would like to thank the children who made it so much fun! Well done to all the teams involved in catering for this event which also was a big undertaking! From my perspective I will always remember what an enjoyable and memorable night it was, showcasing the talent and fun that the Daylesford community is known for! Well done to everyone!

Paul Bangay Open Garden Weekend Volunteer callout
We are very excited to be one of four schools involved in this significant fundraiser for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program throughout Victoria. This event is happening on the weekend with between 3 to 5 thousand people expected to attend. That being the case we are hosting a stall at the event. Gill Carron is coordinating the fundraiser but we desperately need volunteers. If you can help out it would be greatly appreciated.

2019 Foundation Students Transition Morning
It was with much excitement that we welcomed our 2019 Foundation students to the first of three transition opportunities on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone for attending as we provide the young children the opportunity to get to know the school before they officially start next year. The other two transition mornings will be hosted at the school on Wednesday 21st and 28th of November.

Junior Swimming Program
I have been desperately trying to get an Auswim trained teacher to assist us to facilitate our junior swimming program, with little success. If you know of someone who is currently Auswim trained I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 4 - week 5

School Pupil free Day Long Weekend
We trust everyone had an enjoyable long weekend, inclusive of the Melbourne Cup public holiday.

Melbourne Museum Excursion
On Wednesday the 3/4 children attended the Melbourne Museum. From all accounts the children saw a great deal and were engaged in the many and varied opportunities to participate in the programs and exhibits.

Rotary Student Leadership Conference this Friday
Today our 26 student leaders, along with our respective year 5’s and some 8 children from Dharma Primary School, participated in our first ever Student Leadership Conference. This program was organised by current student leaders under the guiding assistance of Daylesford Rotary and Ms McHugh. A great deal of effort and support has gone into ensuring that the Leadership conference is engaging, fun and targeted toward the leaders of tomorrow. A huge thank you to Bronwyn, Peta and Colin from Daylesford Rotary. Congratulations to all our 2018 student leaders in terms of their application and leadership messages. I’m sure our 2019 potential student leaders have had an exciting session that will support their own leadership journey next year.

Remembrance Day
Our 2018 Remembrance Day commemoration will take place today Friday the 9th of November 2018 at 10.45am adjacent to the Australian flag. At this stage, the Armistice garden will not be completed but we will officially recognise all the work Toby has done to prepare for what is a very important occasion, namely the 100th anniversary of the peace declaration (Armistice) that ended the First World War. We invite the community to attend the Daylesford Remembrance Day commemoration on Sunday the 11th November at exactly 11am at the Daylesford Cenotaph. I hope that we will see you there!

Whole School Community Folk Dance Tuesday 13th November on the School Oval – Gates open at 5pm
We are very excited to be hosting this wonderful celebration of the performing arts at our first ever community dance event to be held on our school oval from 6pm until 7.30pm. It will be a great opportunity to showcase our students talents and we very much look forward to hosting a large audience. An information/attendance note was sent home on Wednesday with students and we very much look forward to seeing you there.

Paul Bangay Open Garden Sat 17th & Sun 18th November
As a major fundraiser for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden programs throughout Victoria, our school will be hosting a stall selling the Daylesford Primary School cookbook entitiled ‘Grow Cook Eat’. This significant publication has not only been funded in the publication phase by Alla Wolfe Tasker from the Lake House but has also been signed by Alla. We are eternally grateful to Alla for her invaluable contribution and support of the Daylesford Kitchen garden program. We are also selling seedlings at the Paul Bangay open garden event. I believe that approximately 2500 to 3000 tickets have already been sold for this event. I would like to thank Gill Carron for her proactive coordination and likewise the volunteers who are assisting, or have assisted, to ensure Daylesford Primary School's contribution to the success of the event is outstanding. We do require volunteers to assist Gill at the Open Garden. Please complete the volunteers slip on the front of this newsletter and return to office please.

Enjoy your weekend

Trevor Edwards,

Term 4 - week 4

Glenlyon Performing Arts and Choir
Congratulations to all the children and parents who attended this wonderful celebration of the arts on Sunday. From all accounts the performances were outstanding, with all children enjoying the opportunities to participate in front of a willing and engaged audience. A huge thank you to Suzanne who helped coordinate the choirs and well done to all the actors involved in the performance entitled ‘Flipside Fairytales’.

Cricket Competition
Last Friday our 2 boys teams and 3 girls teams competed in this major event against many schools. It was a great effort by all, with 3 of the 5 teams reaching the Grand Final. Although none of the Daylesford teams won the Grand Final it was an admirable effort by all. Well done to all participants.

October Walk to School concludes
The final ‘official’ day of our state wide Walk to School month of October concluded on Wednesday. It has been fantastic to hear how children and parents have embraced walking to school, around the lake or around their block. Well done to everyone as we celebrate fitness, activity and family. Rachel from Hepburn Shire has been instrumental in supporting our school journey so thank you Rachel and the Hepburn Shire.

We look forward to having Thais Sansom as a replacement for Suzanne, our music specialist, while Suzanne is on leave for the remainder of the year. Welcome Thais!

Age based gaming Ratings (Cybersafety)
In our newsletter today we wanted to highlight the importance of Gaming Ratings/Movie Ratings as an important guide. These well researched and considered rating scales are an important guide and we would like all parents to consider these when children are engaged with these games/movies etc.

Remembrance Day-Sunday November 11th at 11am Daylesford Cenotaph
We look forward to the commemoration of Remembrance Day which coincides with the 100th year anniversary of the signing of the Armistice agreement which drew a conclusion to the First World War. As people have observed we as a school are constructing an Armistice Garden to commemorate all Daylesford residents who were involved in all wars. Toby Sime has been instrumental in planning and constructing this significant acknowledgement. In particular, it is in our case planned to be a respectful and peaceful acknowledgement of those who fought for our peace in Australia. We wish to acknowledge the opening of the Armistice garden, which will accompany the school Remembrance Day commemoration. Our school Remembrance Day commemoration will take place at 10.45am on Friday the 9th of December adjacent to the school flagpole. We invite all community members along to this significant event, especially as this will include a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice agreement.

Monday 5th November-Pupil Free Day
Please note that Monday the 5th of November is a designated pupil free day for Daylesford PS, Yandoit PS and Drummond PS. No children are to be at school on this day.

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday Tuesday 6th of November
Please note that this is a designated public holiday.

We trust everyone will enjoy their extra-long weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday the 7th of November


Trevor Edwards,

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