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Oct 2014

Term 4 - week 4

• World Teachers Day
• 3/4K performance
• Presentation about our sister school in Italy
• Presentation by 1J
• Swiss & Italian Festa
• Work around the school
We celebrated World Teachers Day this week. It was an opportunity to stop and acknowledge the tireless work that ALL our staff across the three schools completes on a daily basis. We said thank you to the staff at assembly, our House Captains and our School Captains, presented World Teachers Day badges to our staff and they received warm applause from the children and parents. This year’s theme is “together we achieve more”, which is certainly the case with our wonderfully dedicated staff. If you see a staff member with their badge on you may like to stop and thank them for their work. Grade 3/4K played recorder in assembly this week. Great to see some show casing of work coming out of the Performing Arts program.

Two of our students, Lila and Jonas Paar, recently visited their “sister school” in the region of Piedmont, Italy as part of their family’s holiday to visit relatives in Europe. Today in assembly they presented a powerpoint with video clips about their experience. Our students were thoroughly engaged. We have included more information later in the newsletter. It is very exciting to see the trouble and effort our sister school went to greet the Paar family. We hope to get an opportunity to reciprocate later this year, when representatives from our sister school visit in December.

The Focus of the Fortnight, was reinforced at assembly by 1J. The messages that they gave about ‘Reliability’, were fantastic! They were very clever in the way that they showed us what Reliability looks like and what it does not look like. Thank you 1J.

Preparation throughout the school has occurred in the lead up to the Swiss & Italian Festa. Look out for masks, lanterns, Pinocchio drawings and art work. See article and dates later in the newsletter.

Finally, work around the school has commenced on our next garden bed for the KG program by Scott Gruar and beautification of our front entrance garden beds by Sandra looks terrific. Work on our boundary fence around the oval has commenced to improve safety for the children.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 3

At assembly this week we heard from and congratulated our students who competed in the Divisional Athletics last Friday. A number of Personal Best performances were recorded. Thank you very much to Cooper’s father Glenn for managing the school team and thanks to the other parents who supported the children on the day.

Our Grade 3/4 students enjoyed a great day out on Tuesday, with an excursion to the Melbourne Arts Centre and the Royal Botanic Gardens. They were treated to a theatre production from the UK entitled 'Something too far away', a beautiful story told through puppets, animation, music and sound. Question time afterwards gave the students an insight into the techniques used in this type of production. The afternoon was spent exploring the Botanic Gardens, where students discovered, drew and wrote about a fascinating variety of plant life. This is an excellent extension for this term's integrated unit 'How Does Our Garden Grow’.

Thank you to parents who assisted staff on the day. Well done to all our staff and thank you to our specialists who were successful with the grant that subsidized the excursion.

Ross Redwin is still after some volunteer helpers to build our stage, if you can help can you please call him.
I was playing with some children in the yard during this week and to my astonishment, none of the children had heard of the game called French Cricket. So we played some French Cricket, which is a very easy game to learn. The grade 2 students picked up the game in only a few minutes. The ability to play a game in the yard is so important.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 2

A warm welcome to our latest new student Vivien Hemming, who started in 2TW this week. Welcome also to her parents, I know the Daylesford community will open their arms to our new family.

Our assembly this week started with a beautiful performance by our Junior Choir. They sang the two songs that they performed at the Rotary Concert. It was a beautiful way to start our assembly. Thank you and well done to the Junior Choir.

This Friday, seven of our senior students will be completing in the Divisional Athletics at the Llanberris Athletics track in Ballarat. At assembly this week, we wished these children all the best for Friday. A full report will appear next week.

Also in assembly this week we had a presentation by 5/6C on the focus of the fortnight ‘Persistence’. It was an excellent multimedia presentation and I invite you to take a look at it on our school website. Well done 5/6C.

The Absolutely Fabulous Fresh Food Festival was held at the Town Hall on Thursday. Our student’s art work was on display. Well done to our Preps and Grade 1 students and thank you to Nicole for enabling this to happen.

It continues to be a very positive start to Term 4. The students have settled back into the learning routines very well after the break. Children have checked back in with their learning goals and a strong engagement in work across the school is very evident.
Can I acknowledge the excellent work by parents in preparing the children for school. Despite the variable weather, the school uniform remains at a high standard and despite daylight saving, punctuality remains at a high standard. Well done parents and thank you for this commitment. It does make a difference to the start of the day and the tone throughout and around the school.

Can I make a call out to assist with the upcoming working bee on 25th & 26th of October. The purpose of the working bee is to construct a small stage immediately outside our Performing Arts room. Ross Redwin is a member of school council and he has done a great job in out sourcing all the necessary timber, we just need some helpers. No expertise is required as that will be on hand. Can I draw your attention to the information below. I know the children are very excited about having a small stage that they can perform on at playtime. Can you help?

Finally, please make a note in your calendars, that Wednesday 19th November is a student free day. Staff will be involved in planning for 2015. This is my first and final call to parents who wish to put in writing requests surrounding friendship groups and staffing for 2015. This information will be considered when we are formulating class lists and staffing of grades for 2015.

Peter Burke

Term 4 - week 1

Welcome back everyone. I trust you all had a lovely break with the family.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Oliver and Lucinda Buffett, who have joined our school community this term.

We had such a positive term last term and I know that will flow into this term. Already the children have settled well and have revisited their personal learning goals for this semester.
Please support the children in their goal setting as we know through educational research that children, who have goals, remain focused for longer and receive wonderful positive feedback on achieving their goals.

Thank you to all parents on presenting the children so well in their school uniform to start the term and for being punctual to school, despite the challenge of daylight saving.

We will be celebrating ‘World Teacher Day’ on Friday 31st October. It is a chance to say well done to all our staff and thank them for their dedication to the education of your children.

We have a terrific new fund raiser that will support the KG program. Goodwill Wines will pass back to the school 50% of profits for wines purchased under our school label. Please take a look at the website and next time you are ordering wine, consider this option. A DPS wine combined with the “Grow Cook Eat’ recipe book would make a terrific Christmas present. primary-school-kitchen-garden-program

Finally, this is my last call for 2015 enrolments. If you know of a family who is yet to enrol their pre-school child for school next year, could you assist me by encouraging them to do so please. Also if due to changing circumstances, if any family is moving on in 2015 and will no longer be enrolled at DPS, I would appreciate early notification, as this is vital for my 2015 planning.

Peter Burke
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