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Term 4 - week 3

As Sunsmart accredited schools, we are very much aware of the considerations that need to be undertaken to protect all children, staff and parents from the harmful over exposure to the sun. We are thrilled that all students wear their broad brimmed hat during terms one and four, as well as other designated months when the harmful effects are acknowledged. We ask parents to educate their children and apply sunscreen each morning before school. Each class has a pump pack of factor 50 sunscreen and this will be regularly changed to ensure that children have the availability of sunscreen. I encourage all parents to provide their own sunscreen for their child and this can be applied before the regular school breaks (lunch/recess). Likewise, we encourage children to utilise shady areas around the school as an effective natural method of protecting their skin from over exposure. We, as a school, also provide lessons in support of raising awareness of the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun. Please contact your child’s teacher or myself if you wish to discuss this further.

What a fantastic opportunity for all children in years Foundation to Two, at all of our three sites, to participate in a fun athletics carnival. It was wonderful to witness the enjoyment and effort of all participants and likewise the active support of parents and grandparents. Congratulations to all the organisers but special congratulations to all our athletes who competed on the day! Well done!

As our Walk to School month comes to a conclusion it has been wonderful to witness the various ways that children and parents have supported this program. We celebrated on Thursday with our Community breakfast, hosted in the gym, where children and community were able to eat a healthy breakfast. This was provided for with the assistance of the Hepburn Shire and likewise the Victorian Government. I would like to thank all those parents and community members who have proactively assisted with both the community breakfast and engaging with their families in fun walking activities throughout the month.

Today we had 5 teams, 3 boys and 2 girls compete in a major cricket carnival at Ballarat’s Victoria Park against many other schools. This is a wonderful opportunity to compete in a significant program that promotes the fun element of team sports. We look forward to seeing how our teams go!

We wish Charlotte Streat and our relay team consisting of Jessica Santurini, Evie Douglas, Erin Childs & Alice Glen well as they represent our school in the State Primary Schools Athletics Championships this Monday at Albert Park, Melbourne. Well done to all and best wishes!

A huge thank you to the parents who prepared the delicious sausage rolls which are available at our canteen for a limited time! Very much appreciated.

We have posted out our transition information flyers outlining the parent information, the designated times and requirements for the three transition mornings. We are very excited as a school to welcome all 2019 foundation students as they commence their formal primary schooling education. We certainly look forward to engaging with these wonderful young people and likewise we very much look forward to sharing information to all parents during these transition opportunities.

I know that there have been many people commenting on the continued construction of the schools Armistice Garden. We are certainly encouraged by the features and acknowledge all the time and commitment of Toby Sime who has volunteered his time and energy in ensuring that this garden truly reflects the importance of those who served to support the peace of our nation. Thank you again Toby!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 4 - week 2

Premiers Reading Challenge
Congratulations to all 140 students who participated and achieved their quota to then be presented with a beautiful certificate. It was an outstanding effort from these students and we will certainly participate as a school in 2019. We will target all of our students as we continually encourage the enjoyment and development of a love of reading.

Trivia Night
Well done to all who participated in Saturday night’s Trivia Night hosted at Victoria Park Daylesford. It was certainly a fun night with all 9 tables engaged in fun activities and opportunities testing memory and knowledge. We raised approximately $4,000.00 on the night, which will go a long way to provisioning two air conditioners in the junior school. Thank you to all the magnificent sponsors and a huge thank you to all those who helped on the night, including Carson and his assistants from the Daylesford Football Club. I would like to acknowledge both Andrea Gardiner and Natalie Cassar for the enormous amount of preparation, inclusive of promoting the event, gathering donations, preparing the venue and coordinating the Trivia night. It was an outstanding success so thank you to all.

Junior Athletics Carnival Today
At the time of reading this newsletter, our Year Foundation to Year 2 athletic carnival would have just concluded. Undoubtedly, we have some incredible young athletes who continually try their best to achieve. Well done to all participants and thank you to the staff and the helpers who have coordinated the program. Thank you to all those parents who have helped out on the day. It is great to see everyone having a go and enjoying the challenges.

Western Region Athletics last Friday
Well done to all ten athletes who competed in this prestigious event at Llanberris Ballarat last Friday. All students represented the school admirably and undoubtedly enjoyed the opportunity to compete and test their skills against quality opposition.

A couple of standout achievements included the girls 4 x 100 relay team who finished second and will now go to the State Championships!! Well done to Jessica Santurini, Evie Douglas, Erin Childs and Alice Glen on their achievements. Likewise, we have Charlotte Streat who won both her 800m and 1500m events competing against quality opposition. Charlotte now progresses to the Victorian Primary School Championships in Melbourne to compete in the above events against other quality state athletes. This is the eighth time Charlotte has competed in these championships, which is a magnificent achievement. Well done to all our athletes who participated last Friday.

Dyslexia Information Session Thursday 1st November at DSC
Please read the attached information regarding this opportunity to attend this session. It is open to the community and may be of interest.

Walk to School Breakfast Thursday 25th October 8.30-9.30
To celebrate Walk to School month we will be hosting a special Healthy breakfast in the school gym from 8.30-9.30 on Thursday the 25th of October. This has been sponsored by the Victorian Government and Hepburn Shire. We invite community to come along and enjoy this gathering. For those that are able we are putting a ‘Call out’ for volunteers to assist with this breakfast. If you can do so, please call the office! Thank you everyone and we look forward to this wonderful event to celebrate exercise and healthy eating.

Armistice Garden
You may have noticed Toby Sime, a parent and school councillor, working very hard to complete an important project at the school. Daylesford Primary School has received a significant grant to complete a garden in remembrance of all the ex-service men and women who fought courageously in all wars and also attended this school. The honour roll, seen as you enter the main building, is a very significant historical reference to this, with many Daylesford generational names outlined. In 2018, it is the 100th anniversary of the signing of the WW1 armistice, which brought peace to the world. As a school, we feel it important to honour this. I sincerely thank Toby for his dedication and work as the project continues to completion. Our plan is to have our significant garden and structure completed by November 11th. We are keen to access any broken marble to assist the construction (eg old kitchen marble bench tops), so if you can assist with this it will be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned as the project continues!!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 4 - week 1

Welcome back everyone to our final term for the year. I trust everyone has had an enjoyable break as we enter into a very busy and engaging term.

We very much look forward to our school trivia night to be hosted at Victoria Park from 7pm this Saturday night. A huge thank you to Andrea and her team who have committed so much time and energy into ensuring that the night is a success. I look forward to reporting as to who wins and also as to how much money was raised. Thank you to all who have committed to attending this fun night.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in gaining this grant (in our case $42000). We required approximately 200 votes but didn't achieve our goal. We will once again ensure we have an attempt next year. A huge congratulations to Trentham community for their well-earned success in receiving funding for a very worthy cause. This was the only project that was successful in the Hepburn Shire so we will be very proactive next year in promoting our project!

I would like to acknowledge our teaching staff at Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit Primary Schools for all their efforts in ensuring that your children have the opportunity to develop as young people! Thank you to all!

Just a reminder that the schools pupil free day is on Monday the 5th of November. This coincides with the Melbourne Cup public holiday on Tuesday the 6th of November. This has been organised so that the disruption is as minimal as possible and allows families to enjoy a potential long weekend.

Our 26 designated student leaders at Daylesford Primary school, along with the Daylesford rotary club, will be hosting other school leaders on the above date. The focus is on developing our student leadership skills and we are very excited about the opportunity that this event presents. Thank you to Bronwyn, Peta and Colin from Daylesford Rotary who have been outstanding in contributing to the development of our student leadership team.

Please book this in your calendar as we are hosting a fabulous event on our school oval showcasing the performing arts of Daylesford, Drummond & Yandoit primary schools. Further information will follow! Thank you to the eight musicians and parents who have been involved in a practice session in preparation for the night. This was held at the school on a Sunday during the term break with Katie Yeung, one of our music teachers, organising this opportunity. Thank you everyone, it should be a fabulous occasion!

October is Walk to School month in Victoria. As it is very difficult to do so in many of our student’s circumstances and home locations, we have opted to participate in safe walking tracks such as around the oval, school playground, art room as an option. There may be a time in October when classes walk around Lake Daylesford. These opportunities will not only be undertaken in a safe, organised manner but will also promote the theme of being active and participating in physical exercise.

As many people are aware we have some very talented athletes who are now at the next stage of the Regions athletics program. Congratulations to Charlotte Streat, Zach Koleski, Jessica Santurini, Gemma Malone, Erin Childs, Banjo Kinnear, Lincoln Barby, Mia Hardy, Evie Douglas & Alice Glen who are competing today at Llanberris reserve, Ballarat. We look forward to informing everyone in next week’s newsletter as to their progress!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

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