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Sep 2015

Term 3 - week 10

  • Junior Choir
  • Divisional Athletics
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • School Council
  • Rotary Concert
  • Farewell Amy Kinnear
  • Successful Term

The Junior Choir, ‘made a difference’ in the lives of some of our senior citizens last week, when they performed at Hepburn House. Well done to the members of Junior Choir.
Thirty-seven students attended the Divisional Athletics in Ballarat last Friday, representing the Goldfields cluster. The weather was very good, as were the performances. A number of children recorded personal best performances and seven students qualified for the Regional Aths, an amazing number. Congratulations to all students involved.

We conducted our JRFH on Monday in our Family Groups. It was highly successful. It was marvellous to see a number of Preps skipping for the first time and the older children were brilliant in the way they encouraged the younger children. Money raised goes to the National Heart Foundation.

After calling for Parent Member nominations for School Council, I received one self-nomination form by the closing date, which matches the number of vacancies. It is therefore my pleasure to announce and welcome our newest member to School Council, Karyn McColl.

The Rotary Concert was very successful. Once again conducted in the Town Hall and our students were a stand out. Thank you and well done Suzanne, Josie & Robyn.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amy Kinnear who has been with us all term. Amy has been teaching 5/6M whilst Ms McHugh has taken some LSL. Amy will stay connected to the school and will be teaching the EY students in the swimming program next term.Thank you Amy.

What a terrific term we have had. It started so positively with the students sharing their learning goals with their parents/carers and teachers. Other highlights include; record numbers of students have participated in the ICAS exams, great results and achievements in NAPLAN, excellent participation in Athletics, Book Fair, Words in Winter, Book Week, KG, Maths and Science rotations, incursions ‘Creature Features’ & Earth Ed, JSC very successful implementation of ‘Fresh Fruit Friday’, Italian cooking classes, to name but a few, not to mention the excellent engagement in learning in all classrooms across the schools. Congratulations to the whole school community on all our achievements.
Enjoy the Spring holiday everyone. See you next term.

Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 9

  • Staff Professional Development
  • Italian classes head for the kitchen
  • Junior Choir
  • Divisional Athletics
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • JRFH
  • Prep Enrolments and students exiting 2016
  • End of term finishing time

The staff professional development last week was highly valuable. Staff have already put some aspects of the ‘Big Write’ approach in place within their own classrooms. I would like to refer you to Kim Wrigley’s (Literacy Co-ordinator) article explaining a little more about the framework.

Our Italian classes extended into the kitchen this week. The kitchen was flooded with Italian vocab. Thank you Trudi and Sandra.

Staff continued their ongoing commitment to learning, by attending a refresher course this week after school, covering CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma management.

Our Junior Choir visited Hepburn House this week and performed to the senior citizens, who were delighted by the quality of our Junior Choir. Another excellent example of ‘making a difference’, by doing something for someone else.

Thirty-seven students travelled to the Divisional Athletics in Ballarat this Friday. This is a very large group representing the Goldfields Cluster, possibly our biggest ever! We wished them all the very best in assembly this week and will have a full report for you next week.

The Scholastic Book Fair has been a great success this week, offering parents and children an opportunity to purchase some beautiful children literature. $500 was taken on the first day alone, we look forward to the final tally. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leah Schuter and her daughter Francesca. Leah has remained committed to this fund raiser for a number of years now and provides a wonderful service to parents. The books sales will remain open through next week. Thank you very much Leah and Francesca.

The ‘Jump Off’ for JRFH is next Monday during our Family Groups at 2.30. Parents are welcome to come and turn rope. Who can remember double dutch? A reminder from Mr K that the register forms and money collected for sponsorship are due on the day. Next Monday! To allow him to send away for prizes before we finish for the term. Money raised goes to the National Heart Foundation, yet another example of ‘making a difference’.

Final reminder, Prep enrolments for 2016 close next Friday. Late inquiries will require an interview with the Principal. Also if families are relocating next year and leaving the school can they please call the front office asap, this is vital for my planning for 2016.
Finally, a reminder that we break for the term holidays next Friday with the early finishing time of 2.30. Buses will run earlier to accommodate this finishing time.

Peter Burke

Term 3 - week 8

  • Classroom Book Presentations
  • Writing & Poster Competition winners announced and Scholastic Book Fair Dates
  • Goldfields Athletics
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Consent Form

To end our Book Week, we celebrated with classroom presentations. Each class shared a story that they had worked on together. What a wonderful morning. Thirteen different presentations ranging from a retell, to a short play and a variety of other methods were used to convey the stories. 5/6C presented their book by way of a short video, I will let Yemaya from 5/6C tell you all about it.

Our class has decided to make a documentary about making a difference. Whether it’s big or small, you’re never too young or poor to make a difference. If you are wealthy enough to donate a lot of money that’s great but you don’t need to be rich to help. Whether you decide to do something specific or an opportunity rises up unexpectedly, there are endless ways. You can donate your time and care by volunteering at places like the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter or inspire others to donate because if twenty people donate something small it adds up to something big. You can also just give someone a smile, you might light up there day.

Also the feeling you get from giving is sometimes better than receiving. For example, when our class went to read to the elderly, I know that when they would smile, whether it was in their eyes or on their lips, knowing that you’ve made a difference is a priceless feeling. We also want to thank our wonderful supportive community for getting behind this as we have received so many wonderful donations which have been passed onto Family Services.

So find something that you’re passionate about and start making a difference today because there are endless ways, big or small that you can make a difference.

Yemaya Tori Greenwood, 5/6C

5/6C filled the Hepburn Health Services mini bus with all the kind donations that were collected over the past two weeks. They really have ‘made a difference’.
The winners of the writing and poster competition were also announced at our presentation morning. (See page 3 for details). Congratulations to the children who were recognised for their work and thank you to all the children for entering into the competitions with such great spirit.

The Scholastic Book Fair will commence next Monday 7th and run through to Friday 11th September.

The Goldfields Athletics were conducted at Llanberris Reserve on Monday (third time lucky). Our students competed with determination and a terrific sense of sportsmanship. Many personal best times and distances were achieved and a large number of students advanced through to the next level. The Divisional Athletics are next Friday the 11th September.

Our Pupil Free Day on Wednesday allowed the staff to engage in an excellent professional development called ‘Big Write’. The focus of the PD was on writing and how to teach writing. One of our school priorities is to improve writing outcomes within our students. The ‘Big Write’ approach is very engaging and the staff are excited about what the program can offer our school. More information about ‘Big Write’ will flow through to parents via the children and classroom teachers and we will be publishing relevant elements, so that parents are informed about the language and the approaches that occur within the program.

Finally, may I draw your attention to the consent form included with this newsletter. We require new consent for ALL students with regards to the use of photos/images. This now includes the Friends of Daylesford Primary School Facebook page which will be used to assist in the promotion of the school. A copy of the Facebook Policy is also included for your reference.

Peter Burke

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