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Term 3 - week 10

End Of Term Three
Unbelievably we have concluded Term 3 and with so many significant events occurring throughout the term I would like to thank everyone for their contributions. It has been very busy but very productive, with all children actively involved in their own learning development. The continuation of the parent-child-school partnership is paramount and very evident throughout the past three terms. As we head into the final term for the year we again look toward a positive and supporting relationship with our students as we develop strategies to continually support our wonderful young learners. We encourage all families to partake in all school based student activities next term.

Year F TO 2 Expo
What a fantastic event at the Daylesford Primary School last Friday afternoon with all students proudly displaying their Animal projects to a very supportive school community. The projects were outstanding and displayed a great deal of time, effort and learning. The expo was a definite highlight and all these young learners should be congratulated and celebrated for their efforts and enthusiasm. Well done to everyone. The projects were outstanding!

Rotary Concert
It was fantastic to witness the annual Daylesford Rotary concert hosted at the Town Hall on Wednesday night. Our school choirs were magnificent singing Double Trouble, Wondering and Obwisana. Likewise, the Yandoit annexe dance items were spectacular. Well done to our school communities for their efforts. We certainly have some very talented students at our respective schools. A huge thank you to the teachers: Katie, Suzanne and Kerry for all their preparation work to showcase our student’s talents. Well done!

Karen Brothers
We would like to wish both Karen and Brenton all the best with their upcoming family leave. We will miss you a great deal Karen and as we speak we are organising the replacement teacher for 6KB for the remainder of the year.

The very best wishes to Karen and Brenton on the impending birth of their child.

Trivia Night – October 13TH
Our trivia night is gaining momentum. Everyone should have received the poster outlining this fantastic opportunity to test your brainpower in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Please contact Andrea 0414478501 if you wish to book a table or be a member of a made up table! We look forward to your company on which should be a fun and entertaining night. More information will follow very early in next term.

End Of Term 3
Please note that school concludes for our term holidays on Friday the 21st of September at 2.30pm. Students will be dismissed at this time. Buses will be some 50 minutes earlier than usual so please be prepared to collect your child from their respective bus stops earlier.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break and we look forward to the commencement of the final term of the year on Monday the 8th of October.

Have a wonderful and well deserved break!

Trevor Edwards,

Term 3 - week 9

SMS Test
Hopefully everyone received the SMS test message sent out on Monday afternoon. This allows us the opportunity to check the accuracy of all numbers in the case of any emergencies. Thank you for your support with this.

Pick My Project
Our “Pick My Project” voting opportunity entitled robotics@daylesford concludes on Monday the 17th of September at 5pm. If you haven’t done so already I encourage you to vote for this fabulous project. Likewise, I encourage you to ask friends, relatives and neighbours to support our project. Having a robotics centre at our school will be fabulous as we focus on engaging educational experiences supportive of future learning and job opportunities.

Thank you to all those who have so far voted in favour of our project! We have our fingers crossed!

Cubby House Relocation
So far we have three volunteers to support the relocation and assembly of our cubby house on Monday the 17th of September from 3pm. It would be wonderful to get another three helpers as we want to move and assemble this wonderful addition in a safe manner. Please contact me if you can assist. Thank you!

Regional Athletics Sports – Today
At the time of writing we have 26 of our students competing in the Regional Athletics sports at Llanberris Oval. We wish all competitors the very best as they represent our school with distinction. Thank you to our supporters who no doubt have taken the time to cheer on our competitors.

Trivia Night – October 13TH
Our trivia night is gaining momentum. Everyone should have received the poster outlining this fantastic opportunity to test your brainpower in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Please contact Andrea 0414478501 if you wish to book a table or be a member of a made up table! We look forward to your company on which should be a fun and entertaining night. More information will follow in next week’s newsletter.

Our New Crossing Supervisor
It is with great pleasure and congratulations that I announce that Krystal Phypers is our new crossing supervisor. Krystal is an active and supportive member of our parent community and we very much look forward to having Krystal supervising our crossing for years to come. Please make yourself known to Krystal!

F-2 Melbourne Zoo Trip Wednesday 19th September
We are very excited for our children who leave for a wonderful excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. It is a great opportunity for the children to experience the journey down to Melbourne as a whole group and I’m sure the excitement level will be very high as they see the animals.

Rotary Concert Wednesday 19th September Daylesford Town Hall
Many of our children will be participating in the Rotary Concert this coming Wednesday at 6 pm. This is an outstanding opportunity to celebrate the performing arts and our school will be a significant contributor, with our two choirs performing together. We encourage everybody to come along and celebrate the performing arts of many primary aged children in the Hepburn Shire. The cost is a gold coin donation.

End Of Term Finish Time
Please note that next Friday, the 21st of September, is our final day for Term 3. School finishes at 2.30pm on this day so therefore all bus travellers will be some 50 minutes earlier to their respective bus stops than usual. Please make arrangements for this change of time.

Enjoy your weekend

Trevor Edwards,

Term 3 - week 8

Book Fair
It is with much excitement that I announce our 2018 DPS Book Fair made just over $6500 profit. This is an outstanding effort and I would like to thank the significant number of parents and community members, ably led by Shelley Sandow, Sarah Hunt and Louise English, who literally spent hours in preparation to ensure that the Book Fair was such a success. We also had many people who helped setup and pack up and many people who contributed over the weekend in various ways. Thank you to you all! I would also like to acknowledge Hocking Stuart who have consistently helped us with signage. Thanks Will!

All money will be spent on providing books for our library and classrooms! Well done everyone who attended, donated books and contributed in any way to the success of this wonderful event.

Trivia Night Saturday October 13TH
We are now focussed on ensuring that our planned Trivia Night on Saturday October the 13th is a huge success. We are finalising our venue and we are now inviting people to book their place/table. The cost is $15 pp (table $150). It promises to be a fun night of entertainment and no doubt lots of laugh's. The night will be facilitated by Allan Peach from "Trivia with a Twist", who has been involved with many Trivia Nights in the past. All money raised will contribute to the provision of energy efficient cooling systems throughout the school, specifically targeting our infant area in 2018 and 2019. I would sincerely like to thank Andrea Gardiner, a parent at the school, as well as a number of helpers, who have again contributed a great deal of time and energy to make this an entertaining and fun night for all. If you wish to book a table or you wish to be allocated onto a table, please phone Andrea 0414478501 or A flyer was sent home with students on Wednesday that outlines our trivia night. We want to make it a huge success so we look forward to hearing from you!

Parent Opinion Survey Extension
The date for closure on our parent opinion survey is Sunday the 9th of September to log in for Daylesford PS please use the following link (Login: Daylesford Primary School, Campus Name: Daylesford Primary School) To ensure privacy please contact the school for the appropriate school pin as we only want parents to complete the survey. Thank you in anticipation. We also would like Yandoit and Drummond parents to do likewise by contacting Daylesford PS for their respective passwords!

Cubby Construction
I am hoping that we could get a team of approximately 6- 8 people who would be able to help me shift our generously donated cubby house from the Art room play area to the junior playground. We will work hard to assemble it once we relocate it. I plan to do this on Monday the 17th of September from 3.40 onwards. If you can help out please either see me or contact the office. Thank you everyone!

SMS Test
As the Bushfire approaches we are about to check that all our processes, including telephone numbers, are accurate. We therefore are going to send an SMS test on Monday. Please don't be alarmed, we just wish to ensure accuracy in case any emergency communication is required. The test will take place Monday afternoon at approximately 2.30pm. Please do not reply to this text! Thank you for your support with this.

Pick My Project
Please remember to vote for our 'Learn Robotics @ Daylesford'. A flyer is attached for your information and to spread the word!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend

Trevor Edwards,

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