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We place a strong emphasis on our school’s guiding values. Through these we encourage students to be mindful of their own behaviour and and to be considerate of and to others at all times. We focus on a different value each week. These are highlighted during our weekly assembly and then put into practise in our classrooms and through our family groups program.

Be respectful
• to yourself
• to others
• of the environment
• be tolerant of difference
• be courteous
• use good manners
• be considerate of the feelings of others
• show empathy towards others

Be a responsible learner
• be punctual
• be organised
• be persistent and keep on trying
• do your best
• be accountable for your choices
• show pride and endeavour in your work
• strive for excellence
• learn about thinking and learning
• use goal setting
• complete tasks on time
• participate fully, listen attentively

Be honest and trustworthy
• be honest
• be reliable
• have courage to do the right thing
• show integrity
• build a good character through your daily actions
• play by the rules, take turns and share

Be caring and compassionate
• be kind
• be compassionate and show you care
• express gratitude and appreciation
• forgive others for mistakes
• help people
• resolve conflict with restorative language

Be a good citizen
• be proud of your school and community
• respect school and community property
• cooperate with others
• get involved in your school and community events
• respect community members.

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