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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Daylesford Primary School. Our very dedicated and professional staff take pride in working to achieve the highest standards in education.

In addition to our teaching and learning programs in all key curriculum areas, student wellbeing is most important in our school. We have a strong emphasis on the development of social competencies and values education. Students are encouraged to build positive relationships throughout the school through our multi-age Family Groups program.

Literacy and Numeracy are key priorities at our school and are well supported through extensive resourcing and the provision of a MutiLIT and Quicksmart program for students at risk. Students are encouraged to borrow from our fully equipped library that also includes a computer laboratory.

Our three specialist teachers offer outstanding programs in Visual Arts, Italian and Performing Arts.

We are proud to be able to offer the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Extracurricular activities are well planned and complement the delivery of our core curriculum, for example; involvement in the local Swiss/Italian Festa, Rotary Concert and South Street. Our camping program also supports and builds positive educational outcomes. Student wellbeing is promoted through physical education and sport, family groups and our explicit teaching of values education.

The school environment is important to us. Our facilities are outstanding and include our historical main building, gymnasium, swimming pool, three specialist classrooms, our new open learning centre and spacious grounds and gardens. We are a Sunsmart school and our Art in the Yard program displays and celebrates the creativity of our students.

Whole school assemblies are a major part of every week where recognition of student achievement is a major focus. The Junior School Council enables students to participate in school decision making processes.

We have strong community links and encourage parents, U3A members and volunteers to become involved in many aspects of our school. Our transition programs, Pre-school to school and Year 6 to Year 7, support childrens’ stages of development and aim to assist students during these important times in their learning.

We believe your children will enjoy attending our school and will benefit both academically and socially. Education is a partnership between parents, teachers and students and we look forward to working with you for the benefit of your children.

Principal - Trevor Edwards
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