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Term 3 - week 4

Interuption To Electricity Supply Tuesday 14th Aug.
As you have no doubt heard, much of Daylesford and Hepburn will have an interrupted electricity supply between the hours of 10.00am until 2.00pm on Tuesday the 14th of August. This interruption impacts many businesses and obviously schools. As a school, we will be staying open. We will keep all heating on overnight and try to maintain a warm classroom environment. Our toilets are operational and we have skylights, which will allow us to operate without lighting. Likewise, we will ensure that the natural lighting is used extensively throughout this four-hour period. Please note that the phone lines will be disrupted during this time. Please be aware phone contact may be unreliable. Make sure you always communicate with your children about any plans for the day. It is vital children come dressed appropriately as once the electricity is turned off we will have no heating. We would like everyone to remain in school uniform but wear warm layers underneath. We are sorry that this disruption is going to impact the school but if everyone dresses appropriately we will be able to ride this through. If you have any concerns please contact me at the school. Remember, appropriate clothing inclusive of coats, gloves, long pants and warm socks will be very important to maintain the comfort level. Again, Daylesford Primary School will remain open as per usual!

Education Support Staff Week
Throughout Victoria, all schools are taking the opportunity next week, from the 13th of August, to celebrate all Education Support Staff at all schools. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our Education Support Staff for their invaluable contribution to assist and support your children. Our Education Support Staff at Daylesford, Yandoit and Drummond contribute immensely to assist and praise children and likewise play significant and major roles in the classroom, office, library, first aid room, canteen, grounds & maintenance, on excursions and camps and in the undertaking of great programs such as Kitchen Garden. It would be wonderful if you could take the opportunity to thank them at some point next week.

Go Girl I.T. Event
Our year 5 and 6 girls have been invited to participate in a significant IT event at Deakin University Burwood Campus next Thursday. This program will be attended by many girls throughout the State and is aimed at promoting the opportunities presented by using Interactive Technologies into the future. We await the outcomes and I’m sure the girls will enjoy this opportunity.

Foundation To Year Three Eye Assessments
All parents of our Foundation to year three children should have received information about a free eye assessment to be undertaken by an optometrist from the 23rd of August. If you are interested could you please return the consent forms by Friday the 17th of August. Again, this is voluntary but it certainly presents as an important opportunity to have your child’s vision assessed free of charge. Likewise free glasses are available should they be required. Please see me if you have any further questions and if you have, for some reason, missed receiving the information sheet and consent forms they are available at the office.

P.A. System @ Assembly
Thank you for the feedback in regards to the P.A. being inadequate at assemblies. We are currently investigating ways to improve the situation.

THANK YOU to the Glenlyon Sports Club for their kind donation of $350 that will go towards student welfare.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 3 - week 3

It was wonderful to once again reconnect with the students and parents after my short leave break and I trust everyone is once again settled into the routine of school. I would publicly like to acknowledge both Karen McHugh and Trudi Blick who supported my role during my absence. Thank you!

Book Fair September 1st And 2nd
Thank you to all the team who have been working so diligently in preparation for our Annual Book Fair. Once again, I would like to acknowledge Hocking Stuart and their generosity in promoting this wonderful event with the huge sign displayed at the school and likewise at an appropriate location near the Coles carpark. Thank you Will and Nel who did all the negotiations and arrangements. Our next book sort is this Sunday at the school gym between 10am and 4pm. If you can help out, even for an hour, it would be greatly appreciated and you will be made most welcome. If you have any books that you would like to donate to the Book Fair the gates will be open on Sunday. You can drive up to the gym area and pass over your book donations. Thank you in anticipation and once again, if you wish to enquire about book pickups, please leave a message at the office and we will endeavour to collect the books asap.

Huge congratulations to all of our participants and supporters in the Royal South Street debating competition hosted at ACU Ballarat on Tuesday morning. Please read Trudi’s report as we await as to which teams go on to the next stage in four weeks’ time. All parents should be very proud of their child’s efforts as the confidence and competence of our student’s public speaking and debating skills was very evident. Well done to all!

Garden Beautification
I would sincerely like to thank the DeVecchi family for their devotion to improving our school’s gardens. You hopefully will have noticed the planting of succulents and other plants near the entrance of the 3/4 building. Thank you Bridie, Marc, Jaya and Grace for adding so much to the improvement of our school grounds. Please be in contact with me if you wish to assist in any way to develop our gardens. As the weather eventually improves, we will be organising a working bee (term 4) so we really would like to continually ensure our grounds develop and improve as spring arrives.

Foundation To Year 3 Glasses For Kids Program Thursday 23rd Of August
The Foundation to Year 3 children have the opportunity to access free eye testing and free glasses on the above date. This is strictly with parental written consent. If you would like your child to be assessed by a trained optometrist you will need to complete the appropriate consent form which will be sent home with the Foundation to Year 3 children on Monday, along with information about the program. There will also be copies of both parental information and consent forms at the office. This is purely an opportunity, at no cost, to have your child’s eyes assessed and potentially access free glasses. This is voluntary and if you don’t wish this to happen then that’s fine! I encourage parents to read the information and complete the consent form if they desire. If you are intending to be involved, could we have the consent forms back by Friday the 17th of August. I would just like to reiterate that this is voluntary and there is no need to do anything if you don’t wish this eye assessment to occur.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

Trevor Edwards,

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