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Term 4 - week 11

Final Newsletter
What a busy week it has been. It was with great excitement that we hosted our Graduation dinner at Daylesford Primary School for our 48 Year 6 students from Daylesford, one Year 6 student from Yandoit and two Year 6 students from Drummond. It was a wonderful celebration for all our fantastic students and I personally would like to congratulate every one of our students as they danced the night away.

As stated on the night we wish you a great start to your secondary school experience and congratulate you on all your achievements as you progress to the next stage of your education.

School Leaders
Congratulations to our school leaders in 2019 as announced at Tuesdays assembly. The school is very fortunate to have such great talent and it is significant that all students are capable of developing their leadership potential. Well done to all.

Final Principal Message
I would like to thank all those individuals who have supported me, assisted me and encouraged me in this significant role. I very much look forward to hearing great stories about the Daylesford community and Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit Primary Schools into the future.

Lightning Strike last Thursday 13th December 2018
As you all know the school was hit with a lightning strike last Thursday. All contacts should have received an SMS from the school stating that everyone was safe and supported. As a follow-up I have included information (on last page of newsletter) regarding how to deal with trauma that some children may have in response to the lightning and thunder. Please read carefully and if you perceive that further support may be required please consult your GP.

Trevor Edwards,
Acting Principal

Term 4 - week 9

New Principal Appointment
After due process, Mr Brett Millott has been provisionally appointed as principal to Daylesford Primary School (Drummond & Yandoit Annexes) as from the commencement of the 2019 school year. I congratulate Brett on his appointment. Brett’s previous role was Principal at Aberfeldie P.S. in Melbourne. At this stage I will revert back to my role as Principal of Napoleons Primary School as from the commencement of 2019 school year. I would sincerely like to thank all those students, staff and parents who have supported me over the previous two years. I have treasured my time here over the last two years. I have been witness to outstanding children, teachers and parents and I will miss everyone. Thank you!

Other staff changes for 2019
We all would like to thank and congratulate Lillian Fry-McBean who has been a magnificent asset to our school. Lilly has been appointed to Woodend Primary School as from the commencement of term one 2019 teaching Year1/2. Congratulations Lillian, you have been a fantastic and passionate teacher to the students in your care and a wonderfully supportive colleague to the staff at the school. I would also like to thank Ms Donna Jansz who likewise has been a supportive and passionate teacher in the Year 5 area of the school. Best wishes to Lillian and Donna as we proceed very quickly into the 2019 school year.

Volunteer Thankyou Morning Tea Wednesday 12th Dec at 11.00am in the School Gym
As with every school, we are heavily reliant on volunteerism. We have many parents and community members who have volunteered in a wide range of ways, whether it be in the classroom, supporting our facility upgrades, organising community and school fundraisers and assisting with many of our school projects and student opportunities. To acknowledge your support we invite you to our annual volunteer’s morning tea to be hosted in the school gym on Wednesday the 12th from 11am. Invites will also be issued through classrooms, but as we have so many volunteers that we wish to acknowledge we don’t wish to miss anyone. If you have assisted our school in any way you are most welcome to come along and enjoy the hospitality provided.

Junior Swimming Program Next Week
After many hiccups and false alarms we finally have two Auswim teachers who will be running our P-2 swimming program next week. All up we will have 5 people in the pool as we provision our shortened swimming program on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of next week. We look forward to your child’s involvement. The pool is heated and has been prepared extensively for this program. We trust that not only will your child/children enjoy this opportunity but this may be a kickstart to future swimming lessons at the surrounding pools (eg: Ballarat, Kyneton, Castlemaine) into the future. A big thank you to all parents who have assisted in any way to help support and chase up auswim teachers. It has certainly been a challenge.

Step Up day Tuesday 11th December
This coming Tuesday is the statewide Year 6 & 7 transition day for all prospective state school students. As with many Primary Schools, this is our opportunity to host our “Step Up” day where all children will move to their 2019 classees. This also allows our 2019 Foundation students to attend for the day. It is a great opportunity for everyone to engage with their 2019 school teachers and support staff.

Presentation Evenings
This is the time of the year when we host our respective concerts/presentation evenings. On Wednesday the 12th of December at Drummond Primary School, we have our Drummond concert at 3.30 pm and our Yandoit presentation evening at 6pm at the Yandoit hall. On Thursday the 13th of December we have our 5/6 Presentation evening at the Daylesford Town Hall with arrival from 6.30pm for a 7pm sharp start. The cost is $5 per adult or $10 per family. We very much look forward to hosting these evenings as we celebrate the Performing Arts and acknowledge our wonderful students.

Final Day for Students
The last day for all students is Thursday the 20th of December with school concluding at our regular time of 3.20pm. Friday the 21st of December is a pupil free day when all staff prepare for the upcoming 2019 school year, which commences for our students as below.
Yr 3-6 students Thursday 31st January
Yr F-2 students Friday 1st February

Enjoy your weekend

Trevor Edwards,
Acting Principal

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