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Term 1 - week 6

Parent/teacher Interviews
Thank you to all who attended our Term 1 parent/teacher interviews. One of our aims of these is to openly communicate strategies of support, acknowledge achievement and collectively work together to support your child/children.

School Council Finalised
The School Council election process has concluded and I would like to congratulate the following parents who are now duly elected representatives on each School Council.

Daylesford PS : Karen McColl, Catherine Meadows, Karri Flood, Toby Sime and Russell Newton. Similarly, the following parents remain on the Daylesford School Council as their second year of involvement continues: Possum Sullivan and Tanya Madsen. We also have as the DET reps: Trevor Edwards, Karen McHugh, and Jendy Fry. We will elect up to two community members during our AGM to be hosted on Tuesday the 27th March at 6.30pm.

Our Yandoit School Council consists of the following elected representatives: Marnie Ireland, Dale Fuller and Michael Watson who join Michelle Rushworth and Louise Cruikshank. Trevor Edwards and Nicole Wassell are the DET representatives. Our Drummond School Council consists of Jodi Zillig, Jodi Becker and Jason Keating. Our DET representatives are Karen McHugh and Meg Cox.

Again thankyou to all who have nominated, all retiring school councillors for their splendid contribution and we look forward to all school councils being both active and supportive as we move into the new school council cycle. Further information about our community representatives will be acknowledged in follow up newsletters. Congratulations to all who nominated and we look forward to another great year.

Pupil Free Day And Labour Day Public Holiday
As reported previously, tomorrow we have a pupil free day with all staff involved in professional development to support our significant Numeracy and Maths program. Monday is the annual Labour Day Holiday.

Golf Program
Our annual golf lessons for our Year 5 and 6 students commence next Friday on the school oval with golf Professional Tony Collier. A further lesson will follow at the beautiful Hepburn Golf Club.

We hope you all have a wonderful short break over the next four days, thank you for your involvement in our term one parent/teacher interviews and we look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday, the 13th of March.

Trevor Edwards,

Term 1 - week 5

Emergency Management
As required, we as a school, undertake Emergency Management evacuation drills and lockdowns. These are practised consistently as obviously we need to ensure our processes are appropriate. Of course, we hope that circumstances do not arise when the evacuation is not a drill but is required.

On Wednesday, we had a sewerage leak near the art room that certainly smelled similar to gas. As a precautionary measure, we evacuated the school students, staff and volunteers down to the oval while the circumstance was checked. All students were safe, the issue identified and we continued with lessons after about an hour. I would like to thank the children, staff and volunteers, it proved our Emergency Management drills are appropriate and timely and we have the correct strategies to ensure that safe practices of either evacuation or lockdown are undertaken. Thank you for your consideration and we will continue to provide a safe and supported school environment for all children, staff and parents. If you would like to discuss this with me, please contact me at the office.

Year 3 To 6 Swimming House Sports
Congratulations to all who competed at the swimming sports last Friday. Although chilly initially it turned out to be a warm day with all children, celebrating and cheering with gusto! Well done to our swimming champions; Taj Vandenberg and Charlotte Streat. Congratulations to all who competed in the parent, student, teacher race. The day was extremely well organised by both Andrew K. and Sherilee! Thank you also to Kara Cooper and Maree Phypers for their support during swimming lessons over the previous two weeks. We now wish our 24 students all the best, who are participating at the Eureka Combined Swimming Championships at the Ballarat Aquatic Centre today.

Big Steps For Tiny Feet Feature
On Wednesday, the Ballarat Courier had a special feature with pictures of all children in Foundation throughout Ballarat, Daylesford and Hepburn. It was a wonderful photo and celebration of children beginning their primary schooling.

Pupil Free Day/labour Day Long Weekend
Please note there is a Pupil Free Day on Friday the 9th March coinciding with Labour Day Holiday on the 12th of March. The newsletter will be sent home with the children next Thursday.

Enjoy your weekend

Trevor Edwards,

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