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Term 1 - week 7

Parent/Teacher Interview
It is so pleasing and ultimately rewarding to see so many parents attending our parent/teacher interviews hosted on TuesdayandWednesday. Astheeducationofyourchildren is a partnership of parents, students and teachers we develop supportive relationships during these occasions to influence and build learning and development. It is also important to touch base with teachers and/or myself throughout the term so that each child’s learning opportunities are fostered and developed. Communication is the key.

Cultural Diversity Festival
Just a reminder about Daylesford Primary School's Cultural Diversity Festival that will be hosted next Tuesday the 21st of March. We encourage all students to dress up in a culturally aware manner, to highlight the diversity and cultural aspects of the communities in which we live. Parents to come along to our special school assembly next Tuesday morning at 9am as it will highlight and showcase the students in their costumes/dress ups. The assembly will feature an acknowledgement to country by Sissy Austin, an ex-student and proud Koorie woman. The activities throughout the day will feature aspects of culture featuring a variety of interesting and diverse cultures. We very much look forward to the day.

Longest Lunch fundraiser
We are extremely fortunate to have two of our parents: Natasha Morgan & Kylie Himmerman hosting a fabulous long lunch at Oak and Monkey Puzzle on the 31st of March 2017. This lunch features a fabulous cuisine incorporating many local restaurants, chefs and producers.

Funds raised will be supportive of our Kitchen Garden program. To facilitate and assist with this wonderful fundraiser we require volunteers. If you can help with: dishwashing, packing down at the end of the day, assisting with parking, waiting staff and other designated roles please contact myself at the school.

The function will begin at approximately 12 o'clock and conclude at 4.30pm

Best wishes
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 1 - week 6

School Council
A huge thank you to all the people who nominated for School Council. It is my pleasure to announce that all positions are now current and there will not be a need for an election. I would like to welcome Tanya Madsen, Possum Sullivan, Jo Steiner, Kathy Douglas, Jendy Fry, Natalie Hardy, Lindy Churches, Jenni Brennan, Liss Stevens, Claire Clifton, Karen McColl, Toby Sime, Karen McHugh, Alex Playstead and Trevor Edwards to the 2017 School Council at Daylesford Primary School. Thank you to all as we prepare to work toward Daylesford Primary School continuing to be an outstanding and innovative school. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Peter Burke, Dave Garner, Shelley Bowen and Lauren Bennett for their outstanding contribution to the Daylesford Primary School School Council over many years. Thank you to all, especially Lauren Bennett & Peter Burke for 10 years of dedication.

Parent Teacher Interviews
We look forward to focusing our attention toward the parent teacher interviews which will be hosted at the school on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, the 14th & 15th of March. We look forward to communicating with all parents as to the progress and expectations of each child as we work toward developing a collective and communicated educational journey for all children at the school. During the parent teacher interviews we will be having some information tables aligned with volunteering at the school and oral health. Please make yourself known to these people. The tables will be located at the front of the school. If you can support the school and wish to be further informed about oral health. We encourage you to visit the designated tables.

Thank you to all who have responded to the year 5/6 golf program being taught by Tony Collier, a well known and respected golf professional. We look forward to every child being involved.

I wish everyone a wonderful and fun filled Labour Day long weekend.

Best wishes
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 1 - week 5

School Council elections
Currently we have 2 vacant positions for the Daylesford School Council. The normal tenure is a two year period and I am very keen to involve parents who are interested in supporting the positive elements and direction of the school into the future. If you are interested, please feel free to discuss with me your potential involvement. The required nomination forms are available at my office. As the election process is to be completed today I look forward to providing this opportunity up to Wednesday the 8th of March at 4pm when we will hopefully have the required school council configuration of numbers. I look forward to hearing from you.

Athletics practice
At this stage we have the GR's 3-6 children practicing their athletics and field event skills. This will be a weekly opportunity, culminating in the House cross country championships at Jubilee Lake on Friday the 31st of March, the last day of term. Further information regarding the proposed date for the athletics sports will feature in future newsletters.

It was wonderful to hear first of many choir practice sessions during the week. We have some very talented singers who demonstrated an obvious enjoyment of group singing and choir opportunities. Well done to all.

Labour Day Holiday
Finally, just a reminder to everyone that Monday the 13th of March is the Labour Day public holiday. No children are required at school.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trevor Edwards, Principal

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