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Term 4 - week 8

Junior Swimming Program
We are pleased to announce that all is in readiness for our Junior Swimming Program, which will commence on Monday 4th of December. Danni from the Bendigo Community Bank and Jordan Loughnane (both Auswim trained teachers) will teach the children basic swim and survival techniques over the two weeks. Liam Burke will also be assisting with the program. A huge thank you to the Bendigo Community Bank who are allowing Danni to be involved. Likewise, I would like to thank Paul, our Groundsman, for the many hours of work preparing the pool. As the pool is heated it is a great opportunity to teach our young students these vital skills.

2018 Enrolments
We are still getting enrolments for 2018 which is wonderful. We are now at the stage of finalising our classes and likewise the teachers. The listing of classes and teachers for 2018 will be announced on Tuesday 5th December after lunch. This is in preparation for 2017 ”up day” where children will be moving to their respective 2018 classes on Tuesday 12th December. We very much look forward to everyone supporting the next layer of their educational journey for 2018. The senior list will be displayed in the foyer of the Grade 5/6 area. The 3/4 list will be displayed in the OLC, the junior list will be displayed in the middle windows of the prep school classrooms. Thank you in anticipation and I’m sure everyone realises a great deal of thought and consideration has been expended to ensure that we have the best fit possible for everyone.

5/6 Presentation Evening
On Thursday the 14th of December, we will be hosting the Year 5/6 Presentation Evening, inclusive of the Graduation and Awards ceremony. This will be hosted at the Daylesford Town Hall beginning at 7pm. Children are expected to arrive at 6.30pm in preparation. We look forward to this engaging evening, where the talents of the Grade 5/6 children will be on display. The cost for the evening will be $5 per person or $10 per family. There will be a full dress rehearsal from 11.30 am on Wednesday 13th December, once again at the Town Hall.

Volunteers Morning Tea
We are currently in the early stages of planning our Volunteers Morning Tea, which will be held on Wednesday 13th December. We are doing everything possible to ensure that all our wonderful volunteers are invited along to this opportunity to celebrate all the fantastic work they do. We are realistic in thinking that we may unfortunately miss some of you so please contact the office if we have done so and you will be made most welcome! The Volunteer Morning Tea will be hosted in the Gym at 11 am -11.45am.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 7

Daylesford Community Fair
Congratulations to all those families and community members who attended the Fair last Sunday. Daylesford Primary School was extremely well represented with both our senior choir performing and individual students participating in the open mic event. The organisers did a marvellous job and the contribution to the event from both a school and family point of view was very evident. Thank you also to Hepburn Community radio for sponsoring the open mic event. Well done to all!

T20 Blast Girls Final
I would like to congratulate all the girls who competed in the regional finals of the T20 blast cricket competition on Wednesday at Victoria Park. (Thank you to all parents who drove their children to this event). The girls did very well competing against the best in the district. Congratulations on reaching the finals and being so enthusiastic! Skipton Primary School are now competing in the girl’s cricket finals at the MCG shortly.

2018 Enrolments, Classes Etc.
This week, including yesterday, we have had a number of enrolment enquiries. It would be wonderful, as a community, if you know of students intending to enrol to please assist by having them contact the school for a tour or further information asap. In 2018 we will be hosting twelve classes and we are now confirming teachers for each of these classes as we work through employment considerations. This should all be settled by next Fridays’ newsletter which will outline the structure of the school, classes and respective teachers. Thank you for your patience.

Junior Swimming Program (Yrs P-2)
This important program commences on Monday the 4th of December at the Daylesford Primary School swimming pool. Paul, our groundsman, has worked extensively to ensure that the pool is ready for our two-week program. This program is supported by the Bendigo Bank who generously provide one of their staff members, Danni, who is Auswim trained, to work with our team over the 2 week program. Swimming is a Victorian Education Department priority and I encourage all children to participate. The pool will be heated to an appropriate temperature to support the children’s swimming development at a comfortable pool temperature. If you have any concerns please contact the office.

Library Borrowing Returns
Thank you to all who have chased up any borrowings from our school library. We would appreciate all books to be returned by Friday 1st December.

Drummond PS & Yandoit PS End Of Year Concert
As annexes we would like to promote the fact that both Drummond and Yandoit Primary School concerts will be hosted shortly. Yandoit PS Concert will be held at the Yandoit hall on Wednesday the 13th December at 7.00pm and the Drummond PS concert will be held at the Drummond Hall on the 4th December at 6.00pm.

Daylesford 5/6 Presentation Evening
The Daylesford 5/6 Presentation evening, inclusive of the Year 6 graduation, will be held at the Daylesford Town hall on Thursday 14th December at 7pm. We ask the children performing arrive at 6.30pm. I hope that everyone attending enjoys the show. Further information to follow shortly.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 6

Remembrance Day Commemoration
Last Saturday we had a number of representatives from the school community who attended the Saturday Remembrance Day commemoration, representing our school student body. Thank you to both Ruby and Aleesha who spoke so eloquently, presenting the poem “For the Fallen”. Well done to all of our students who were so respectful and thoughtful during the school commemoration last Friday. It was very touching to witness the attention paid by all students throughout this important time.

Kinder To Foundation (prep) Transition
A highlight on Wednesday was to have our first of three transition visits for our 2018 Foundation students. It was wonderful to witness the excitement of many as they attended the morning program. We look forward to our next opportunity on Wednesday the 22nd, our designated pupil free day, to again host these wonderful children. They will have the school to themselves for this occasion! If anyone knows of any other children, including 2018 foundation students who at this stage haven’t enrolled, can you please contact myself at the office and I’ll organise the enrolment from there. Thank you for your assistance with this important matter as it is very important to ensure we know enrolments in preparation for the 2018 education year.

Daylesford Community Fair Sunday 19th Nov.
Please keep in mind that the Daylesford Community fair will be hosted at the Daylesford skate park this Sunday. It will feature many musical acts, fun activities, a significant number of food stalls, an open mic opportunity as well as the Daylesford PS senior choir. We all hope that you can take up the opportunity to support the Daylesford Community, especially our young people, by attending this fantastic event! The event begins at 10am and concludes at 7.30pm.

T20 Blast Girls Regional Final
On Wednesday the 22nd of November at Victoria Park, Ballarat, our girls T20 blast cricket team will be competing in the Regional final against other School Girls representatives. I would like to congratulate our girls’ team who are not only very talented but are extremely enthusiastic. To make it to this level is a wonderful achievement! If they win the upcoming stage, they will have the opportunity to compete at the MCG in the State Final! Go Girls!!

Pupil Free Day Wednesday 22nd November
Just a reminder that this Wednesday, the 22nd of November is a Pupil Free Day. No children are to attend school on this day.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 5

Junior Athletics Carnival
Last Monday we hosted our first Junior Athletics Carnival for many years at the Daylesford Primary School oval. It was great to see so many parents and community members attending to witness the joy of children having fun and competing to the best of their ability. Well done to all the children, organisers and parents who volunteered to assist.

Remembrance Day
As stated last week we hosted our 2017 Remembrance Day ceremony today at Daylesford Primary School under the flagpole. We, as a community, are very grateful to all those who served in all wars. I encourage everyone to come into the foyer and have a look at the Honour Board, which significantly has the names of all ex-students who fought in wars over the last century. I also invite all community members along to the Remembrance Day commemoration to be hosted at the cenotaph at 10.30am on Saturday the 11th of November.

Daylesford Community Fair
On Sunday 19th November, there will be a significant fundraiser at the Daylesford Community Park to raise money for Community Park improvements. As many of our students thoroughly enjoy skateboarding, we encourage everyone to be involved. There will be food vans, fantastic musical acts throughout the day and a great time to be had by all. Further information will be provided in next week’s newsletter.

Pupil Free Day
I would like to remind everyone that Wednesday the 22nd of November is a pupil free day. However, this day does correspond with our T20 Blast Girls Regional cricket final so a further information letter about this will follow next week to outline to all participants and families as to how this great opportunity will be supported by the school. On this day, we will also be hosting kinder transition visits for our next year’s prep/foundation children from 9.30 until 12.30. Again further information will follow next week.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 4

SMS Test As A Bushfire At Risk Register School (BARR)
Thank you to everyone as you all should have received a text message from the school last week as we tested our system. I’m pleased to say that it all went very well and any slight hiccups have been rectified. As the bushfire season approaches this will be one of our methods to inform everyone of a Code Red Day and hence a school closure, as required as a Bushfire at Risk Register School (Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit Primary School’s are included on this register). We will continue to be vigilant from our end and I certainly encourage everyone to have their own emergency management plan in place and have a trial run.

T20 Blast Cricket
Congratulations to our cricketers who performed so admirably last Friday. Please read the inspiring report within this newsletter for further details.

Junior Athletics Monday 6th November
We look forward to hosting our junior athletics carnival on Monday. The program commences at 11.30am and we encourage as many parents and community members to come and watch. Most of the activities will be held at the Daylesford Primary School’s oval. We look forward to seeing you there.

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Please note that Tuesday the 7th of November is the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday therefore no children are to be at school on this day.

Drummond Working Bee
We look forward to our two hour Drummond working Bee tonight from 3.30pm onwards. A BBQ will follow. If you would like to join us you would be most welcome.

Remembrance Day Saturday 11th November
With Remembrance Day falling on a Saturday we will be hosting a short commemorative ceremony under the school flagpole at 10.45am on Friday the 10th of November. You will be made most welcome as we remember the fallen.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 3

Swiss Itallian Festa
I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank all the students, parents and staff who participated in this wonderful community event. As this was my first opportunity to witness the Festa, I believe that it is a testament to the community spirit of the Daylesford and Hepburn region. It was wonderful to witness the Daylesford and Yandoit children performing at the event. Well done to all!

School Enrolments For 2018
At this stage, I encourage all parents who intend to enrol their children in Prep/foundation next year to collect an enrolment form at the office, come and have a chat with myself, and confirm any enrolments. We are currently at the stage of organising classes and staffing but are heavily reliant on having accurate student numbers confirmed as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please organise an appointment at the office. We would love to have your children at our school!

SMS Testing Trial
As outlined last week in the newsletter we had an SMS texting trial for all three campuses yesterday to ensure accuracy of information and to confirm that this will be one method of quickly conveying information, especially in an emergency situation such as a bushfire. I thank everyone for their support in ensuring that they received the test message and likewise encourage all changes in address or phone numbers to be conveyed to the office to ensure all our information is accurate. Thank you for your support with this.

Premiers Reading Chalenge
Congratulations to all children who participated in the Premiers Reading Challenge. During the week I received some 139 certificates for students who have achieved reading the required number of reading opportunities. Likewise, I thank all parents and staff who have supported the challenge. Certificates will be handed out to children early next week, class by class. Congratulations to all students who participated and we look forward to being involved once again in 2018.

T20 Blast Cricket
Today we had 41 of our year 5 and 6 children compete in the T20 Blast Cricket competition at Victoria Park in Ballarat. Throughout the previous month, Mr Kiellerup has organised many a cricket training session in preparation for our five teams competing. We look forward to announcing as to how it all went at next Tuesday’s assembly.

Drummond Working Bee-nov 3rd
Next Friday, the 3rd November, Drummond Primary School are hosting a working Bee from 3.30pm until 5.30pm with a BBQ to follow! If you are able to help out please contact myself or Meg at Drummond Primary School. We look forward to your support and hope the weather holds up!!

Melbourne Cup Holiday
Please keep in mind that Tuesday the 7th of November is the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday. No students are required at school.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 2

Bushfire at Risk Register
As we approach the bushfire season, we at all our three sites are deemed to be on the Bushfire at Risk Register. All schools in the state have been audited and as such we are now in the process of communicating to all three communities as to what this entails. During a 'Code Red' day, as communicated to the schools via the Education Department and not by the Bureau of Meteorology, all schools will close and no children or staff are to be at school. The notification will occur via SMS and we will be testing this on Thursday the 26th of October so please be aware that this will be happening. It will be only for testing purposes to make sure we have correct numbers in our system for communication purposes. On Extreme days, Yandoit Primary School will close and no children or staff are to attend the school. However all children and staff will be asked to attend Daylesford Primary School on these days. Again up to 4 days' notice will be given to all parents. All information and communication about Code Red days, as we proceed into the bush fire season, will be sent via SMS, newsletters, teacher handouts and school signage indicating as to when the school will close. As a result of the notification of a Code Red day or, in Yandoit’s case, a Code Red and an Extreme fire day forecast, I've attached to this newsletter further information, which I encourage everyone to read, to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the procedures. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

Greater Western Zone Athletics Sports
Last Friday, as you may well recall, we had a number of children represent the school at the combined Zone Athletics Sports at Llanberris. Huge congratulations to Sophie Elderfield (shotput) and Charlotte Streat (800m & 1500m) who won their individual events or placed to progress through to State level. Both girls will now be competing in the Victorian championships later this term. Well done to all competitors.

Swiss-Italian Festa
We thoroughly look forward to this event, which celebrates the history and culture of Hepburn shire. The children have been working on a variety of tasks and activities to celebrate the opportunities the Festa provides. I encourage all Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit families to be involved, enjoy the many facets of the Festa and have a wonderful time. See you there at the parade!

Prep/Foundation Enrolments
On Monday, we hosted a Prep/Foundation transition information session for all parents who have children currently in kindergarten who will be attending a primary school in the Hepburn Shire in 2018. It was a wonderful opportunity for all schools represented to assist and provide information about the transition process. If you know of any prospective parents who are considering enrolling their children at Daylesford, Drummond or Yandoit Primary schools for 2018 could you please encourage them to contact me for further information and/or a tour of any of these school sites. Thank you in anticipation.

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully I will see you at the Swiss Italian Festa.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

Term 4 - week 1

Welcome back everyone to what is an exciting and busy final term for the year. I trust everyone had an enjoyable break in preparation for some major educational opportunities and eventual celebrations, especially for our 2017 Year 6 students, towards the end of the term.

Kinder to Prep Transition Session
In conjunction with the Daylesford Community Child Care Centre and various Primary Schools throughout our region, we are hosting a Transition to School information session aimed at all current kinder parents who have their children attending any Primary school in 2018. The afternoon program commences on Monday the 16th of October at 3pm at Daylesford Primary School. The session will be located in the school's OLC (Kitchen Garden area) and we invite as many interested parents along. A guest speaker will present strategies to support your child through the transitioning process. Please see the attached flier for further details and we look forward to your possible attendance.

Western Zone Athletics Championships
I would like to congratulate all our athletes who have competed today in the Western Zone Athletics Championship at Llanberris. We undoubtedly will recognise their achievements at our assembly next Tuesday.

Swiss-Italian Festa
All is in preparation for next weekend's celebration of the Swiss-Italian heritage of the Hepburn Shire. A huge thank you to Signora Trudi for her drive and passion to ensure this magnificent event is successful. The children have been involved in a series of wonderful workshops in support of the festival and I certainly encourage all parents and children to embrace the many opportunities and events. A big thank you to the Swiss-Italian Festa organising committee who have been outstanding in ensuring the Festa is enjoyed by the community.

Piano Performance
I would like to thank and congratulate Neave English who performed two piano items at Tuesday's assembly. It was outstanding Neave! She played a Sea Chant by Peter Sculthorpe and runaway Train by Margaret Goldston. They were beautiful renditions and it helps highlight the success and achievement of the children at the school. Well done Neave!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week and we look forward to a wonderful term.

Enjoy your weekend.
Trevor Edwards, Principal

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