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Dear Parents/Carers,

Daylesford Primary School is very proud of the quality programs that we have put in place to cater for the needs and interests of our students. On an annual basis School Council prepares a budget to provide resources for educational programs, administration, facilities development and maintenance. Daylesford Primary School's income is currently funded from two sources:

  • Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD) Student Resource Package (SRP) to pay for school administration, utilities and services, staff salaries, urgent works, maintenance of buildings, cleaning, general school operations.
  • The payments and contributions provided by our parent community are an essential component of funding. Locally raised funds are the major source of our educational and school program funding and this comes from:

    • Essential Education Items & Facilities payments
    • Regular fundraising

We are conscious of the current economic situation and School Council has spent time considering the school's financial position. School Council has made the decision to continue the way in which Student requisites and Essential Education Items are provided to students.

The payments listed are the minimum amount considered essential to enable School Council to continue providing the high quality standards that we have come to expect at Daylesford Primary School.

It is absolutely vital that the school receives payment from all families for the compulsory portion of our school fees. Students will be issued with their student requisites once the compulsory component of the fees has been paid in one of 2 ways:

  • Payment in full; or
  • An Instalment Agreement has been signed and the first instalment has been received by the school

Student Requisites

The provision of essential stationery items for your child - there will be some variation, depending on which grade your child is in for 2017.

Essential Education Items (curriculum requirements and consumables)

Essential educational items and curriculum requirements are those used in the course of instruction in curriculum programs - classroom and specialists, i.e. Italian, Music, PE and Art. Teaching and Learning has changed significantly in recent years. This fee also contributes to the costs of technology in the school - hardware, software, digital learning devices (i.e. interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, computers and iPads). This contribution also assists with the upkeep and upgrading of digital learning devices, subscriptions to providers etc.

Facilities Contribution

This component of the parent payments is directed to the maintenance and upkeep of the school grounds. The payment of $50 is a 'per family' charge.

Additional School Charges

Some additional school charges will arise during the year. For example:

  • School Photographs (Years Prep-6)
  • Excursions / Incursions/ (Years Prep-6)
  • Swimming Program (Years Prep-6)
  • Kitchen Garden program (Years 3-4)
  • Camps (Years 3-6)
  • Interschool Sport and Athletics (Years 3-6)

Payment in full is to be received in the first four weeks of term 1 or a signed Instalment Agreement must be returned to the office with instalment one paid.

Summary of Fees

Student materials and essential educational items levy - $200 per child
This fee covers individual student requisites and stationery materials for all curriculum areas, i.e. classroom consumables for Maths, English, Integrated Learning, PE, Italian, Music, Art. It also contributes to the costs of maintaining and upgrading digital technology in the school.

Facilities contribution - $50 per family
This School Council Voluntary Contribution is used for the maintenance of outdoor equipment, grounds and school buildings

Fees can be paid using any of the following options: Cash, Cheque, Eftpos, Credit Card or BPay (BPay family reference number will appear on your Statement of Fees).

School Canteen

The canteen will provide lunches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday commencing on Wednesday, 8th February. Help desperately required especially for Fridays (a Parent helper/Volunteer form is available from the school office).

School Council Elections

These elections will commence in February. School Council meets the 4th Tuesday of each month and various sub-committees meet at regular times. If you wish to be involved please ask myself or a current councillor for more information and keep an eye out for election information in the newsletter.

Term Dates 2016

Term 4 3rd October - 19th December

At the beginning of the 2017 school year, the P-2 children will be tested by appointment.

Grade Prep to Grade 2 testing Tuesday 31st January
Grade 3-6 Teachers' planning day Tuesday 31st Jan (students not required at school)
Grades Prep to Grade 2 testing Wednesday 1st February
Grades 3-6 classes begin Wednesday 1st February
Grades Prep to Grade2 classes begin Thursday 2nd February

Term Dates 2017

Term 1 1st February Grade 3-6 begin
2nd February Grade Prep to 2 begin
Ends: 31st March
Term 2 18th April - 30th June
Term 3 17th July - 22nd September
Term 4 9th October -22nd December

There will be additional pupil free days through the year. You will be notified as soon as possible of the dates.

We hope that this information is of value to you all and that it assists you in getting your child's 2017 school year off to a positive and organised start.

Peter Burke

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